Ortega Opposes Demand for “Transitional Justice” in Nicaragua

Transitional Justice

Pallais: We’re proposing an independent Truth Commission; they (executive) say that it must be the Truth Commission already authorized by the Assembly.

Max Cruz of Ometepe: “I Would Protest Again” for Nicaragua

Max Cruz
Maynor Salazar

They burst into and fired on his home, detained him with his wife, fractured his leg with kicks and while he was in jail his brother committed suicide.

Nicaragua: The April that’s Lasted a Whole Year

April rebelion, democratic way out

Young Nicaraguans tell what April means to them, the month the civic insurrection began.

The Failure of the Negotiations in Nicaragua with Ortega

Failure of the Negotiations
Carlos F. Chamorro

Paradoxically, this crisis presents the broad Blue and White Alliance with an opportunity to modify the balance of power with international support.

Protests Continue in Nicaragua Despite Police Repression

Police were deployed all around Managua’s urban center and in other points around the country to prevent flash protests

OAS Demands Return of IACHR to Nicaragua

Juan Carlos Bow

Luis Angel Rosadilla, witness in the negotiation, reported that progress on calling early elections have not advanced “one millimeter"

Failure of Dialogue in Nicaragua Will Bring more Sanctions for Ortega

“Without a political agreement, further economic decline won’t be avoided and there will be more sanctions, such as the Nica Act, and the application o

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