What Now for America?

Ian Buruma

The Democrats’ core message for the next two years should be that in a plutocracy, everyone else loses.

Katia Cardenal asks Nicaraguan Police to do some “Heart-Searching”

Katia Cardenal

How can it be possible for the new generation of Nicaraguans to be afraid of you? questions the singer-songwriter.

International Designers Reject “Nicaragua Designs” Event

Nicaragua Diseña
Yader Luna

The fashion platform was left with no internationally recognized designers; however, Xiomara Blandino will make her debut as an “emerging designer”.

Ortega Gov. Prevents Access to Prisons and Court Files on 400 Political Prisoners

Political Prisoner
Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Ana Maria Tello, Coordinator of MESINI: “We know of no detentions of paramilitaries.” IACHR insists that the paramilitary must be dismantled.

The Nica Exodus to Costa Rica

Farmers, university students and ex-military who survived the massacre and await the departure of the dictator to return to their country.

Two Massacres: Mexico 1968, Nicaragua 2018

José Luis Rocha

Tlatelolco is the great trauma and watershed of Mexican political history. What does the rebellion of April 18 represent in Nicaragua?

The Struggle that Lies Before Us in Nicaragua

The Struggle
Gioconda Belli

Let’s make sure this unity is real. Let’s dare to name representatives who embody those ideals and have earned the trust of the majority.

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