Nicaragua: Ortega Agrees to Free all Political Prisoners within 90 Days


Government tries to avoid sanctions and approves agenda that includes reforming the electoral system.

Jandir Rodriguez, Troubadour of Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion

The author of “Heroes of April,” one of the hymns of civic protest, always dreamed of writing songs of “struggle.”

OAS Conditions Role in Nicaragua to Release of Political Prisoners

After Saturday’s repression, Ortega lost the little capacity for maneuver that he had left at the international level, said former legislator.

EU Demands Paramilitary be Disarmed in Nicaragua

“Only a credible and inclusive dialogue can resolve the country’s current political crisis,” assures the statement from the EU.

Nicaragua: Female Political Prisoner Warns Ortega Judge


“How much did they pay you for serving the murderers and condemning the innocent?” writes the dentist and merchant Irlanda Jerez from prison.

Brutal Police Repression and Mass Arrests in Nicaragua

Brutal Police Repression
Juan Carlos Bow

In a single day, Ortega captured more demonstrators than those who were released to house arrest in two weeks of negotiations.

Political Prisoners in Nicaragua Engage in Civic Resistance

Even from jail, the political prisoners continue protesting against the Ortega Murillo regime, despite reprisals that include beatings and isolation.

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