Thousands of farmers from the communities of the San Juan River and Nueva Guinea marched this Tuesday to demand that[...]

The Nicaraguan government’s refusal in December 2015 to subscribe to the Paris Agreement on climate change and global warming has[...]

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura announced in Managua the publication of his new novel, set for release in January 2018.  The[...]

NEW YORK – Donald Trump has thrown a hand grenade into the global economic architecture that was so painstakingly constructed[...]


The COSEP association [Superior Council of Private Enterprise] has issued a pronouncement in support of their president, in the face[...]


Nicaragua’s Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) issued a statement Wednesday in which its executive committee (made up only of[...]


Nicaragua’s abrupt exit from talks with the Organization of American States (OAS) last Wednesday has generated a wave of political[...]

This past Monday, May 22, the “Central America Speaks” festival opened its doors to the public.  This fifth year brought[...]

Abuso sexual, niñas

At sixteen, Agne Patricia Alvarez is the full-time mother of two boys: Yuleymi Marcela, 4 months old, and Edier Antonio,[...]


I don’t agree with the Nica Act.  Watching an extremely conservative senator such as Ted Cruz, radically opposed to freedoms[...]