Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo regime is turning to paramilitary groups to repress Nicaragua civic rebellion (which on June 18th[...]

It’s true that since you began governing your communications policy has been characterized by that saying: “if you repeat a[...]


Ana Damaris Mojica feared it would all end badly. But now, her baby is a day old. It doesn’t know[...]

Four Premises

In the solitude of his bunker in El Carmen -the enclave of the State-Party-Family-, President Daniel Ortega took five days[...]


It seemed like a Christmas or New Year’s party among the kids of the east side of Managua, neighborhoods known[...]


Grace Vanegas has spent the last two days shut up in her house, together with her daughters. She hasn’t gone[...]


My countrymen in the police: Who am I to be addressing you? Just another citizen who doesn’t want to become[...]


Silence is eloquent. A people that keep silent, who in unison and decisively make their statement to the person who[...]


The main business chambers of the country called Tuesday for a 24-hour national strike on Thursday, June 14th, as an[...]

Daniel Ortega

President Daniel Ortega told the United States Government his willingness to hold early elections in Nicaragua, as a measure to[...]