Business Leader Says, “Ortega Must Avoid a Total Collapse”

"I do not believe that the IMF or any other organization wants to continue supporting a country with so much repression"

Three Characters of the Civic Rebellion in Nicaragua

Civic Rebellion in Nicaragua

At the end of six months of the civic protest against Daniel Ortega’s regime, we recapitulate the struggle through three of its protagonists.

OAS Weighs Options for Confronting the Nicaraguan Crisis

Maynor Salazar

“Too much blood has been spilled already. The time has come to demand an end of the violence.”

Nicaraguan Gov. Suspends Online Currency Purchases for Banks and Affects Trust

Central Bank of Nicaragua
Iván Olivares

They force the banks to request the buying of dollars in writing, 48 hours before, indicating the amount, motive and the persons involved.

The Red Lips Rebellion against Daniel Ortega

Red Lips

Thousands of Nicaraguans of all ages and genders have united behind the PicoRojo [red lips] initiative to demand the release of the political prisoners

Interrogations in El Chipote: “Why Are You Marching and Who is Paying You”

Interrogations in El Chipote
Maynor Salazar

“They asked who gave me the T-shirt, shoes, short, everything,” related the marathon runner. “I responded that to march is a right,” says Vigil.

Analyzing the Latest Wave of Repression in Nicaragua

Repression in Nicaragua
Enrique Sáenz

“The recent wave of repression underscores the weakening of the regime. A battle was won, but we cannot fall into the trap of triumphalism.”

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