Parades, baseball games, and caravans: the prelude to a second Covid-19 outbreak

Yader Luna

An individual becomes sick between four and 14 days after attending an event, and without safety measures, infect many others

Covid-19 Widens the Digital Divide in Nicaragua

Those who don’t have access to technology or the internet are left unable to study or work, as well as losing business opportunities

Daniel Ortega’s Decline and the Standstill of Nicaragua’s Opposition

Daniel Ortega’s Decline
Carlos F. Chamorro

Paradoxically, at Daniel Ortega’s moment of greatest weakness, the opposition lacks the leadership and strategy to fill the power vacuum

Six Properties Confiscated from Nicaragua’s “River Foundation”

Ana Lucía Cruz

The River Foundation was stripped of 317.3 hectares (784 acres) of land that were being used for reforestation and natural regeneration

Young Covid-19 Survivors: “You Feel Like You’re Going to Die”

Young Covid-19 Survivors
Nayira Valenzuela

Despite the widespread notion that young people don’t get sick with Covid-19, unofficial data and testimonies demonstrate the opposite

Covid-19 and Nicaragua’s Public Employees

Nicaragua’s Public Employees
Ligia Gómez

Working for the Ortega-Murillo Government cost her mother her life. The drama experienced by public employees during the Covid-19 pandemic

The generation of July 23rd and the Youth of April: “the flame never died out”

Ivette Munguía

In 1959, UNAN defended its autonomy after a massacre. In 2018, universities under partisan control supported the repression by Daniel Ortega's regime

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