People of the Year: Nicaraguan Exiles

nicaragüenses exiliados
Cindy Regidor

Nearly 100,000 Nicaraguans have taken refuge in Costa Rica, USA, Panama, Spain and other countries.

Political Prisoner Amaya Coppen’s Brothers Assaulted by pro-Ortega Mob

Ivette Munguía

The aggressors beat and threatened the political prisoner’s brothers, then turned them over to the police

Nicaraguan Police Deploy 1,000 Troops to Guard Ortega during his Daughter’s Wedding

Iván Olivares

For 12 hours, the 16 kilometer route between the El Carmen presidential residence/bunker to the Hotel Pueblo Viejo, was guarded by police placed every.

NYT Reporter Assaulted Twice by Ortega Supporters with Police Presence

Ivette Munguía

The fanatics surrounded the reporter and threw her to the ground and tried to steal her cell phone and the Police “did nothing” to help her

UN Lists New Human Rights Violations in Nicaragua

días mejores en 2020
Iván Olivares

Dictatorship of Daniel Ortega prevents peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, and professing one’s religion, confirms UN OHCHR’s bi-monthly report

Father Edwin Roman: “They’re Celebrating a False Christmas” in Nicaragua

Father Edwin Roman, Priest Edwing Roman, Christmas in Nicaragua

“Those who persecute the Church are celebrating Christmas. How can they say they love Christ if their persecuting his church?”

The Situation in Nicaragua Far From Normal

Nicaragua Far From Normal, nothing is normal in Nicaragua, nicaraguan police, beat relatives of political prisoners
Carlos Martínez

Normality seems to be that Nicaraguans are governed by a pair of despots; too many things have been normalized that are not and should not be

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