Nicaragua’s Largest University Reopens amid Protests and Harassment

University Reopens

Some students attended classes forced by their parents or for fear of reprisals. Others have declared themselves in student disobedience.

No Power Can Last Sustained only by Violence

Nadine Lacayo

No power endures or is strong or lasting when it is sustained by a bloody repression, and when the people no longer respect or fear it.

The Pain of Leaving a Country that’s Falling Apart

The Pain of Leaving a Country
  • Ana Siu
  •  3 de octubre 2018

This article summarizes my experiences: both with privileges and difficulties.

Journalist Deported from Nicaragua, “They Threatened to Torture Me”

Journalist Deported

The Ortega regime deports an Austrian-US journalist and documentary filmmaker defamed as an “agent of the CIA”.

Nicaragua Is in Recession

Nicaragua Is in Recession
Iván Olivares

The economy had decreased during two consecutive quarters, between April and September.

Coup-mongers versus Toads

Guadalupe Wallace Salinas

With the accusation of coup-monger, you can send someone to prison; while if you call someone a toad, you are revealing their lack of values.

Imprisoned Truth

political prisoners
Gioconda Belli

A poem by Gioconda Belli, dedicated to the political prisoners of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

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