Someone Writes to Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega

Fernando Bárcenas

A negotiation or political dialogue between excluding positions is never a process leading to agreement.

Meet the cartoonist chronicling the unrest in Nicaragua

La cacería-PxMolinA

Nicaraguan cartoonist Pedro Molina says the country’s paramilitary groups are like ISIS.

The Creator of “Vandalic” Pins in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

Although she did not know how to paint either, she decided “to learn again by watching tutorials.”

New “Normality” Freezes Real Estate Business

Iván Olivares

Lack of financing, land-takeovers and physical and legal insecurity threatens a sector that develops if tourism grows.

Ortega’s “False Positives” on the Killings

La matanza de Ortega
Carlos F. Chamorro

The Government’s attack against the IACHR/OAS to kill the truth, cover up extrajudicial killings and impose impunity.

The Threats of Ortega’s “Anti-Terrorism Law”

A reform created to elaborate “black lists” of opponents to the regime and freeze their funds under the pretext of punishing terrorism

IACHR: “Repression Continues, No Normality” in Nicaragua

The regime does not provide information on the massacre to the GIEI, MESENI or to the IACHR: “we have not been able to compare the number of dead

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