Nicaragua’s Peasant Leader Francisca Ramirez Speaks from Costa Rica

Franklin Villavicencio

The rural leader has left Nicaragua and remains in Costa Rica. “They have forced us to migrate, but they haven’t silenced us".

Nicaragua Urgently Needs a Collaborative Agreement

Collaborative Agreement
Onofre Guevara López

The historic conditions for forging a National Blue and White Collaboration are more difficult than past efforts.

More Nicaraguans Demand Ortega’s Ouster and 60% want Early Elections

Early Elections
Maynor Salazar

"Support for Ortega goes from 23 to 34% and no longer reaches his 38% threshold", says Nicaraguan politician Eliseo Nunez.

Wisconsin Activists Speak Out on Events in Nicaragua

Wisconsin Activists

In the spirit of solidarity with the people of Nicaragua, we add our voices to the call for a significant United Nations and OAS presence in Nicaragua.

“Without a Political Solution We’re Heading Towards an Economic Cliff”

Economic Cliff
Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Says Juan Sebastian Chamorro, the director of the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development.

Ortega Warns Businesses Not to Support National Strikes

National Strikes

“We are going to send the police so that (businesses) keep their doors open, to provide them with security,” warned Ortega.

The Path to Change and Democracy for Nicaragua

The Path to Change and Democracy
Carlos F. Chamorro

Real change begins, after Ortega leaves power, with dismantling the structures of the dictatorship and putting an end to impunity.

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