Nicaragua: Trial of Political Prisoners Continues Behind Closed Doors

Maynor Salazar

No access to the hearings is allowed to independent media or human rights groups.

Father Edwin Roman: “All Citizens Are Persecuted”

Father Edwin Roman, Priest Edwing Roman

A civic hero for people from Masaya. “How is it that a government that calls itself Christian is killing its own people"

Nicaragua’s National Assembly Approves “Bonds” to Finance the Massacre

Daniel Ortega
Iván Olivares

What interest rates will Daniel Ortega’s administration have to pay to find someone that will trust him and buy his bonds?

Ten Questions for the Nicaraguan Army

Nevertheless, their answers to these questions are still pending

Managua Run Demanded Freedom for Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners

Iván Olivares

Athletes and children, men and dogs, women and elderly citizens all participated: on motorcycles, on foot, on skateboards and bicycles, on skates

A Peoples’ Uprising Is Not a Coup

The history of people’s revolts shows that no ruler nor policy of terror can stop their upward surge.

IMF-World Bank Message to Ortega: First Solve the Political Crisis

Iván Olivares

The visit to the IMF’s headquarters had a different intention: request funds to strengthen reserves.

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