Editorial on Ortega’s Assault on Journalists in Nicaragua

El Faro

The attacks against Confidencial are attacks against all independent Latin America journalism

Donald Trump Signs the Nica Act to Pressure Ortega

Juan Carlos Bow

Ros-Lehtinen confirms to Confidential that with the signing any official or former official of the Ortega Government since 2007 is subject to sanctions

CLAS “deeply concerned” by growing repression in Nicaragua

"A free press is vital for a decent society and essential for a democracy," says the UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies

Before Night Falls in Nicaragua

Martín Caparrós

“The public must make its contribution to—good—journalism: defend it as everyone can, sustain it.”

Nicaragua: “Confidencial is in the Souls and Minds of its Journalists”

Maynor Salazar

Director of Confidencial and Esta Semana states: “If the Government tries to prevent us from continuing to work, we will find a way to do it.”

Ortega Expels Special OAS Human Rights Mission from Nicaragua

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Ana María Tello, head of the Meseni, told Confidential that the Foreign Ministry asked for their “immediate withdrawal” from the country.

Nicaragua’s Private Sector Responds to Ortega’s Offensive

Iván Olivares

Business association leader Jose Adan Aguerri questions: Who will invest in a country where the Police are ordered to enter and rob an office?

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