Edgard Tijerino

Beginning October first, the sports program Double Play will be transmitted on 720 AM of Radio Catolica of Nicaragua, 102.3FM[...]


The leader of the anti-canal rural movement, Francisca Ramirez, promises to fight from abroad against the regime of Daniel Ortega[...]

Collaborative Agreement

There have been a number of observations aired on the independent television channels regarding the role of the student delegates[...]

Early Elections

A survey made by the Costa Rica based polling firm CID Gallup between September 6 and 18, the results of[...]

Wisconsin Activists

HAVANA TIMES – Wisconsin and Nicaragua have a long history of multiple sister city relationships built on mutual respect, solidarity[...]

Economic Cliff

The sociopolitical crisis in Nicaragua over these past five months hasn’t only inflicted a fatal toll on human rights, but[...]

National Strikes

Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, called on business people not to join another national strike because the economy is “seriously wounded,”[...]

The Path to Change and Democracy

1. Can Ortega make it to 2021 with the economic-social crisis? “We are winning,” chant the people in the streets,[...]

Bloody Lineage: the Somoza Family

One night in 1970, during my adolescent years, while poring through the shelves of my father’s library at our home[...]

Faced with the possibility of a new electoral process (whether or not it is moved up) in Nicaragua, how will[...]