Protests Ignite around the World

Protests around the World

Chile, Hong Kong, Iraq, Haiti, Spain and Colombia are some of the places where the population took to the streets. Why?

Civic Alliance Presents a 10-Point Unity Program

Unity Program
Maynor Salazar

“Belonging to this union doesn’t mean losing identity; rather, it’s a recognition of differences,” stated Dr. Carlos Tunnermann

Daniel Ortega, The Tyrant in His Solitude

Con la paz no se juega, The Tyrant
Carlos F. Chamorro

Ortega is an isolated figure within Latin America, North America and Europe. His support has been reduced to the Cuba-Venezuela alliance

Nicaraguan Priest Edwing Roman Tells Ortega’s Police to Stop Harassment

Father Edwin Roman, Priest Edwing Roman

The priest denounced harassment of his Sunday mass and tells them: “I am calling on you to join the people of Nicaragua”

Alicia Alonso and the Cultural Cold War

Alicia Alonso
Rafael Rojas

The Cuban ballerina went on to conquer Moscow after taking the spotlight in Paris and New York

Two Generations Discuss Nicaragua’s Future

Nicaragua’s Future
  • Monica Garcia Peralta
  •  22 de octubre 2019

A “generational dialogue” was organized to analyze how the youth and older adults see the country of the near future

Hidden Accounts of Nicaragua’s Education Ministry

Education Ministry
Ivette Munguía

Research shows a centralization of public information and lack of transparency in program implementation

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