The communities located in the Rama-Kriol territory in southeastern Nicaragua assure that they weren’t consulted regarding the interoceanic canal project,[...]

Among the offshore companies associated with Nicaragua and registered with Mossack Fonseca at the beginning and the end of the[...]

Four Nicaraguan and one Costa Rican businessman, all of them linked with large regional economic groups, justified their ties with[...]

The National Coalition for Democracy has named Luis Callejas, currently serving as deputy for the Independent Liberal Party (PLI), as[...]

The leak of 11.4 million documents kept by the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca, popularly known as the Panama Papers, has[...]

Following several months of uncertainty, Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) has officially convoked the national elections for November 6 and[...]

I sing to the ceiba, the banyan the oak, to genízaros and jiñocuagos. These trees, monuments of our land Manes[...]

More than forty years ago, a group of 27 personalities from Nicaraguan politics, academia and the economy published a manifesto[...]

The Russian news agency “Sputnick” was the first to inform that Vladimir Putin’s government will be sending fifty T-72B1 combat[...]

On a superficial level, Daniel Ortega’s government takes the prize in changing things, as compared with previous governments: the center[...]