Bank Regulatory Board “Plays with Fire” by Invading Client Confidentiality

Nicaragua’s Bank Regulatory Board (Superintendencia) and other Financial Institutions (Siboif)

Banks warn that government “interference” could “generate widespread distrust in the financial system.”

US Sanctions Three Key Figures of Ortega’s Inner Circle


The Albanisa vice-president is punished for corruption and embezzling millions of dollars of public funds. OFAC applies sanctions under Magnitsky Act

The “Vandals” Clean Up Garbage in Diriamba & Jinotepe

Several volunteers carried out a collection of the garbage on the streets of Diriamba.. Photos: Mi Diriamba 1917
Yader Luna

While in Jinotepe dozens of residents go out on the streets in a day dedicated to cleaning up garbage

How the Crisis in Nicaragua Affects Young People’s Mental Health


Fear, apathy and stress are common symptoms, indicating that the situation is also affecting our minds, experts explain

IACHR Names Experts to Investigate the Killings in Nicaragua


They’re charged with finding the truth and the material and intellectual authors of the killings.

Ortega Walks the Tightrope in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega
Fernando Bárcenas

It’s foolish to say that Ortega still rules his pond. What Ortega is doing, as his ship sinks, is to first drown every human being within his reach.

Nicaragua’s Free Trade Zone Multinationals Ask Ortega to End Repression

Maynor Salazar

“We urge your government to continue with the negotiations, and we recommend that you act in accordance with the recommendations of the IACHR.

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