The 3rd Journalist Held in Nicaragua as a Political Hostage of Ortega

Journalist Held in Nicaragua
Juan Carlos Bow

Accused of terrorism, arson, aggravated robbery and obstructing public services to the detriment of the State, he is in prison since March 7.

Nicaragua: Ortega Faces Key Deadlines in June

Juan Carlos Bow

Political analysts believe that the dictatorship will come out weakened or will have to make concessions on thus far non-negotiable issues.

Political Risk in Nicaragua is “Extremely High”, says the Economist

Political Risk
Juan Carlos Bow

Land takeovers are “aimed at undermining the national adversaries”. They discount the possibility that Ortega would risk expropriating foreigners.

Faces of the Repression in Nicaragua

The Ortega-Murillo government, accused of “crimes against humanity”, have deployed shock troops and paramilitary forces to quash the citizen rebellion

Nicaragua: 51 Political Prisoners Moved from Jail to House Arrest

Political prisoners still have not received full liberty and their cases remain open

What is Daniel Ortega Afraid of?

Daniel Ortega Afraid
Enrique Sáenz

The lies of the government are not aimed at the people or the international community, but to its political clientele.

Ortega Imposes His Own Amnesty Law

Amnesty Law
Juan Carlos Bow

The Government sent the proposal to the National Assembly for its rubber stamp as an emergency to avoid consultations.

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