A Call to Nicaragua’s Police: “Put Down Your Arms”

William Grigsby Vergara

“Put down your arms, my countrymen on the police force. Stop your acts of repression and join the peaceful protest.”

Gioconda Belli: Let’s be Silent


“I never thought that a poem I wrote in 1978, during the Somoza dictatorship, would again be necessary.”

National Strike Called for Thursday in Nicaragua


Public employees are called upon to stay home [on Thursday] in response to the “repressive government” that has “trampled on their dignity.”

Daniel Ortega offered the United States early elections

Daniel Ortega

Medardo Mairena, peasant leader: “Ortega is proposing to advance the elections, when we are asking for his resignation.”

Nicaragua: “Our priority right now is not getting murdered”

Carlos Dada

University Alliance warns: they want to “advise” us and “impose an agenda.”

Ortega’s Police and Paramilitary Forces Sow Terror in Managua


Intimidation and attacks on these eastern neighborhoods of the capital came the day after the anniversary of their revolt against Somoza

Ortega’s exit from his Bunker in El Carmen

Daniel Ortega
Carlos F. Chamorro

The peaceful revolution demands a Constitutional way out and early elections, but with justice served and without Ortega in power

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