What the 24-Hour General Strike in Nicaragua Demonstrated

Iván Olivares

“Considering that it was called from one day to the next, it was a remarkable success,” said Carlos Tunnermann, Ph.D.

On Renewed Citizen Pressure in Nicaragua: Better Late Than Never

Better Late
Enrique Sáenz

It is about giving the political battle on all fronts and intensifying the pressure. The national strike is a necessary and timely action.

Taiwan Gets Cold Feet with Ortega, Fears US Sanctions


“No Taiwanese bank wants to be involved in the transfer, for fear of being sanctioned by the US.”

Nicaragua: Ortega Announces His Plan to Stay in Power


To date the government has signed several commitments with the Civic Alliance but has failed to comply with anything it agreed to.

Nicaragua: National Strike Set for Thursday, May 23

National Strike

Business associations confirm support for the national strike as a “legitimate form of civic and peaceful struggle.”

Gioconda Belli: “It’s Time to Pound on the Table”

Gioconda Belli

We need the sectors that remain silent to speak up; we badly need them to pound on the table to say, “Enough!” The time to do so is now.

Why Nicaragua Needs a Special Prosecutor’s Office

Special Prosecutor’s Office
Carlos F. Chamorro

A Special Prosecutor’s Office and an international investigation are urgently needed to clear up the murder of prisoner Eddy Montes.

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