Open letter to the OAS Secretary General

How can you ask us to “strengthen the democratic institutions” of the Ortega dictatorship if there is no democracy?

The Role of Big Business in the New Nicaragua

Manuel Ignacio Lacayo

Private enterprise should be conducted with transparency. An honest business class is an asset to the country

Bishops Meet Thursday with Nicaragua’s Ortega

Former OAS Ambassador proposes a UN-EU-OAS consortium as an international guarantor.

Roadblocks Intensify Nationwide in Nicaragua

Yader Luna

Masaya, Leon, Carazo, Matagalpa and Rivas are some of the departments which have roadblocks and are demanding Daniel Ortega’s resignation.

Nicaragua: Threatened Academic says “The Police Accusations are Irrational”

Maynor Salazar

The National Police link the director of the organization Ieepp with a “dangerous criminal gang.” He replies that he has no weapons.

For Sandinistas, who aren’t Danielistas, it’s Time to Serve your Country

Henry Ruiz (Modesto)

This isn’t about the discount rate for big business, it’s your country calling!

Nicaragua: The National Dialogue Process Thus Far

Confidencial | Carlos Herrera
Guillemo Cortés Dominguez

Who benefitted the most from the Dialogue Process? The Nicaraguan people, without a doubt.

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