Nicaraguan Students: “We Won’t Negotiate at a Bloodstained Table”

They demand the presence of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights and the UN. “The objective that united us is freedom and justice in Nicaragu

Nicaragua Student Protests Receive Heartwarming Support

  • Franklin Villavicencio | Yamlek Mojica
  •  9 de mayo 2018

National Assembly Appoints “Truth Commission”

Students said Saturday that the government appointed body has no legitimacy.

Nicaragua Rejects IACHR Visit, Prefers “Internal Procedures” First

IACHR sets up “Coordination room” to monitor the country’s situation

Nicaragua: truth and justice after the massacre

After sticks, horns and distortion


What a terrible waste of the opportunity to apologize to the Nicaraguan people!

Nicaragua & Dialogue: Beware of the Dagger Hidden Amid the Flowers

gobierno de transición Nicaragua

Convoking a dialogue is nothing more than a game of smoke and mirrors. Up until now it’s the government that’s deciding the conditions.

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