Bloody Lineage: The Somoza family released in Spanish as an e-book

Bloody Lineage: the Somoza Family
Carlos F. Chamorro

The book is released in a new format in homage to the generation of the April 2018 revolution, who have awakened the national conscience.

“We Are the Face of Civic Struggle” in Nicaragua

Participants in the online conversation, “Towards a Democratic Nicaragua” organized by De Humo TV, analyzes the role played by youth in today’s.

What Comes after the Balloons in the Civic Struggle?

Keyling T. Romero

Youth state that they have to rethink new forms of protest against Daniel Ortega’s regime.

Sexual Violence under the Ortega Regime

  • Maryorit Guevara
  •  24 de septiembre 2018

We already have a long history of abuse against women’s bodies on the part of the state and its officials.

Manipulation of Family Visits to Political Prisoners Denounced

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Government recognizes 204 prisoners, of which seven are already convicted. However, human rights organizations have registered more.

Nicaragua’s Tourism Industry Remains Crippled by Insecurity

Tourism Industry
Juan Carlos Bow

A total of 83% of tourism companies have reduced their operations by 30%.

Nicaragua: Five Months of Civic Rebellion in Five Cartoons

Yader Luna

Pedro X. Molina chose the five cartoons of his that best portray the crisis in Nicaragua since April 18.

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