Five Arrested for Burning a Woman at the Stake


Alleged pastor: “God said that he was going to take the bad spirit out of her and that we should make a fire there because it was going to be expelled

Francisca Ramirez: “I Won’t Talk with Ortega Behind Closed Doors”

Arlen Cerda

The rural leader criticizes the neglect and harassment of the farmers who are left to repair their own roads.

The Judges of Caiaphas vs. Ernesto Cardenal

Sergio Ramírez

The government has a grudge against Ernesto Cardenal for being so great and speaking his mind, for never being quiet.

Ernesto Cardenal: “I’m being persecuted politically by Ortega and his Wife”


Ortega and Murillo “own the country, right up to the courts, the police and the army,” Cardenal stated.

Sex Worker Wins Historic Case in Nicaragua

Trabajadora sexual

The Ministry set an important precedent by ruling against a night club that fired a sex worker for being pregnant

Rex Tillerson’s Nicaragua Connection

the United States Senate confirmed Rex Tillerson as the US Secretary of State for the new Trump administration.

The new U.S. Secretary of State was CEO of Exxon Mobil in 2007, when the Esso tanks in Corinto, Nicaragua were taken over.

Entrepreneurship in Nicaragua: Yes, we can!

Emprendedores, La Fabrica
  • Elmer Rivas
  •  2 de febrero 2017

In a country with few opportunities for young people, a small group has opted for self-employment, innovation and the drive to succeed

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