I sing to the ceiba, the banyan the oak, to genízaros and jiñocuagos. These trees, monuments of our land Manes[...]

More than forty years ago, a group of 27 personalities from Nicaraguan politics, academia and the economy published a manifesto[...]

The Russian news agency “Sputnick” was the first to inform that Vladimir Putin’s government will be sending fifty T-72B1 combat[...]

On a superficial level, Daniel Ortega’s government takes the prize in changing things, as compared with previous governments: the center[...]

Marcha campesina

“El Gran Canal Interoceánico de Nicaragua” – “The Great Interoceanic Canal of Nicaragua”: it has a Nineteenth Century ring to[...]

Much of the world’s attention is understandably focused on developments in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. These regions represent[...]

Once again they left their lands in order to defend them and demonstrate their rejection of the expropriations involved in[...]

Residents of the communities around Lake Cocibolca (Lake of Nicaragua) share the same concern: the water level of the lake[...]


Politicians and economists coincide in their criticism of the opaque and inefficient management of resources originating from privatization of Venezuelan[...]

Brazil’s political crisis appears to be coming to a head. Now that the lower house of the National Congress has[...]