Why We Must Defend Nicaragua’s Bishops

Carlos F. Chamorro

Ortega tries to blame the Catholic Church for his own crimes, but the whole country knows who are the murderers, coup promoters and rapists.


Nicaragua: The Regime Threatens Edwin Carcache to Incriminate the Bishops

Maynor Salazar

According to his lawyer, the young man is in cell number 300, which is narrow, dark and with little space to walk

It’s Time for Solidarity with Nicaragua’s Bishops

Carlos F. Chamorro

A maximum severity threat calls for a maximum solidarity response, and the entire nation’s overwhelming reaction

Ortega Issues Threats and Accuses the Bishops of Plotting a Coup


“Daniel stays!” was the new slogan of the Ortega regime in the plaza, flanked only by Cuba and Venezuela.

Ortega’s Attack on Bishops in Diriamba in Photos

Hooded civilians forced their way into the Catholic Church and beat priests, paramedics and journalists who were inside.

Nicaragua Dialogue Frozen Says Bishops


Baez: “We don't speak generically of “violent acts” but of acts carried out by “armed groups related to the government against the civilian population"

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