Nicaragua: Medardo Mairena Calls for Unity and an End to the Killings

Baltasar Garzon’s Words for Nicaragua

daniel ortega, rosarop murillo, baltasar garzon
Uriel Pineda

Today, Daniel Ortega’s legacy doesn’t matter anymore. He’ll be remembered only for his crimes against humanity

Senators Request “Strategy” of More Sanctions on the Ortega Regime

More Sanctions

Bipartisan initiative demands more pressure to free all of Ortega’s political prisoners and force the dictatorship to make deep electoral reforms.

Daniel Ortega to Demonstrate His “Advances” in Human Rights

advances in human rights

“We’re going to work to reinforce in peoples’ thinking, that during the Somoza era, human rights didn’t exist,” states an FSLN deputy

“Public Liberties Can’t Be Killed”

public liberties

Tribute to the martyr of public liberties, while the Ortega Murillo regime’s police besieges the central cemetery

Amaya Coppens: In Nicaragua “There’s No Turning Back”

“I’m not looking for political gain. I want to finish my career, but there’s still a lot of work to be done,” to change Nicaragua, Coppens affirms

Valentina and My Generation: Suicide and Nicaragua’s Youth

suicide in Nicaragua
  • Cristel Montenegro
  •  13 de enero 2020

While reading Valentina’s letter, I felt a true invitation for us to look within ourselves. Valentina is our mirror

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Lives on

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro

It is now up to those who want to and can follow in his footsteps, to try to make his dream of liberating Nicaragua a reality

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