US Congress Weighs More Pressure against Ortega in Nicaragua

US Congress

The United States lower house weighs recommendations for US foreign policy towards Managua.

Nicaragua: Self-Amnesties Don’t Last

José Luis Rocha

Self-awarded amnesties last only as long as the despotic power of the amnestied.

Is Ortega Preparing his Party for Early Elections?


“We can give anything, but early elections never,” affirms an FSLN militant, but in cities like Leon meetings already began to discuss the issue.

Crushing Dissent: The Ongoing Crisis in Nicaragua

Félix Maradiaga
Félix Maradiaga

Testimony by Felix Maradiaga Blandon at the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Nicaragua’s Civic Alliance: 86 Political Prisoners Remain after Today’s Release

“Apparently, the Government did it with the intention of not releasing anyone else,” warns Civic Alliance’s spokesperson, Jose Pallais.

Vilma Nunez: Ortega’s Self-Amnesty in Nicaragua Doesn’t Wipe the Slate Clean

Nunez warns that the Government manipulates the principle of non-repetition at its convenience, to curtail constitutional rights to political prisoners

Key Nicaraguan Protest Leaders Released from Prison


The released include peasant leaders, student and citizen protest leaders, ex-military men and journalists Miguel Mora and Lucia Pineda.

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