A Confession about the Army in Nicaragua and Political Espionage

Army in Nicaragua
Luis Carrión Cruz

Comments on the Army’s statement denying its involvement in political espionage activities.

What’s Happened to the Icons of Nicaragua’s Civic Protests?

Without this being their intention, Alex Vanegas, Flor Ramirez and Dona Coquito became symbols of the civic rebellion.

The Number of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua Rises to 767

Political Prisoners

“Arrested for demonstrating and prosecuted in flawed trials,” claims Brenda Gutierrez, mother of Rodrigo Espinoza, a young man sentenced to 17 years.

How the European Parliament Members Saw Nicaragua

European Parliament
Enrique Sáenz

International isolation of the regime and its total loss of credibility.

Nicaragua’s Business Community Sees a “Coup to the Economy”

Coup to the Economy
Carlos F. Chamorro

Will they call for civil disobedience, in light of these “confiscatory” measures? Jose Adan Aguerri, President of Cosep: “Nothing is ruled out”

Inside Ortega’s Jailcells: “The Pigs in My Country Have Better Conditions”

Inside Ortega’s Jailcells

Jose Inacio Faria, deputy in the European Parliament: “The pigs in my country are kept in better conditions than that cell. It’s unacceptable.

Pequeños negocios temen “alzas en cadena”

Juan Carlos Bow

Ciudadanos rechazan paquetazo económico de Ortega y esperan que nuevo Gobierno enderece el rumbo.

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