Daniel Ortega Called “an Enemy of the Free Press”

Yader Luna

Journalists and communicators demand an end to police violence against the task of informing; ten journalists were attacked on February 25

Enemy of the Free Press

New Year’s Resolution: Keep Hope Alive!

Melba Castillo A

Almost twenty years after that survey and that report, we are far from fulfilling the dreams of Nicaraguans.

Ninety-one Political Prisoners, including the “Water Carriers”, Moved to House Arrest

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Ninety-one political prisoners of the 160 being held by the Ortega regime were released to house arrest at 2 am on December 30

The Silence of Big Business in Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion

Vilma Castillo

“Pellas, Ortiz, Zamora and the council of large business owners stand before a fork in the road: wait for something to change, accept Ortega’s offer

Nicaraguan Business Execs Call for Unity

Maynor Salazar

It is the commitment that the private sector has, not only as entrepreneurs, but as citizens, explained Jose Adan Aguerri, President of Cosep

Nicaraguan Mother who Lost Her Son to Ortega’s Forces Speaks at UN

Yader Luna

The mother of an assassinated youth pleaded for the UN ambassadors’ support to bring justice to Nicaragua.

Ortega Prohibits Entry of the OAS Commission to Nicaragua


Immigration informed airline managers that “entry is not authorized” to the country. The commission has already been notified.

Fabrication of Crimes Used to Repress in Nicaragua

Aggravated theft, illegal arms possession and drug trafficking are the most common crimes they are accused

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