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The Dictatorship’s Police Kidnap in Masaya

The Nicaraguan Police captured at least four people in Masaya on the afternoon of January 3, following a strong deployment[...]

Is It Wrong to Look Back?

This morning I reread a story that shows how the current tragedy in Nicaragua has been brewing for many years.[...]

Social Networks Were Key for GIEI Report on Nicaragua

Franco Valdivia Machado stretched his hand in front of a cell phone camera to show the shells found in the[...]

Monica Baltodano Describes her New Year’s Eve Visit to the “La Modelo” Prison

As 3 pm on December 31 approaches, a parade of family members files out of the meeting plaza at the El[...]

Nicaraguan Political Prisoners Suffered a New Year’s Beating

On December 31, 2018, while part of Nicaragua celebrated the end of the year, political prisoners from the “La Modelo”[...]

Ortega and the List of Foremost Human Rights Violators

Human rights organizations in Nicaragua asked the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IAHRC) to include Daniel Ortega’s Government on a list[...]

UN Mission Says: “No Evidence of a Coup, this is a Civic Protest”

Twenty-four hours before leaving Nicaragua after being expelled by the government, as part of the UN’s team from the Office[...]

Army Requested to Intervene for Retired Officers Accused of Terrorism

Relatives of retired Coronel Carlos Brenes and of retired Major Tomas Maldonado, both accused of terrorism and other crimes committed[...]

The Strategic Defeat of Ortega in Nicaragua

We are winning because there is no return to the past. Because the future began to take shape at the[...]

Ortega Accuses Retired Colonel of “Terrorisim”

Carlos Brenes, a retired colonel of the Sandinista Popular Army (EPS), was arrested by officers of the institution once under[...]