Nicaragua’s Central Bank President Is Out of Touch

Enrique Sáenz

As long as Ortega continues to cling to power, the economy will not lift its head and we will continue to suffer from unemployment

central bank president

Orwell’s 1984 through Nicaraguan Eyes

  • Mar Pilz
  •  16 de octubre 2019

The Ortega-lovers continue to be blinded by the State-controlled media and repeat over and over: “Love and Peace”, even though it’s a lie

“Woman of Steel” who Crisscrosses Nicaragua

Woman of Steel

The ultra-marathonist and cyclist, Luz Elena Sequeira, is among the top tier athletes of all Central America, according to a regional publication

A Challenge Highlighting the Language of Nicaraguan VP Rosario Murillo

  • Mónica García
  •  14 de octubre 2019

The new challenge replicates the adjectives used by the Vice President to belittle Nicaraguans who protested against the dictatorship

Small Business Leader Irlanda Jerez Calls for “Civil Disobedience”

Civil Disobedience
Iván Olivares

“Commerce has been brutally hit,” but their business leadership remains intact. She says:"Civil disobedience" is "a lethal weapons to boycott"

Homage to Ana Real: the Nicaraguan Journalist who Earned two Emmy’s

Ana Real
Ivette Munguía

She was a successful television news editor and producer. In the USA, they paid homage to her legacy with a place in Hispanic Journalism Hall of Fame

Brainwashing in Nicaraguan Schools

Enrique Sáenz

“Over a million and a half children and teens go to public schools where every day they receive a systematic indoctrination through their textbooks.”

Memories of a Nicaraguan Hero’s Daughter

Memories of a Nicaraguan

One of a series of recorded interviews, intended to encourage personal memories, and to learn from the exercise of letting out “what hasn’t been said.”

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