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Fabrication of Crimes Used to Repress in Nicaragua

On the morning of June 2, a group of men in a Toyota Hilux pick-up intercepted Jose Luis Prado Cano.[...]

Caught Between Famine and Violence: The Miskitos’ Silent Crisis

Murder, kidnapping, sexual assaults, military-caliber weaponry, persecution and exile are some of the words that Nicaraguans have been hearing daily[...]

Forty Years Since the Sandinista Revolution: Could it Have Been Different?

On the 40th anniversary of the overthrow of the Somoza dictatorship, Luis Carrion Cruz, one of the nine comandantes on[...]

Ortega Says No to Dialogue, Clings to Power through 2021

Commander Daniel Ortega closed the doors Friday to the national dialogue with the Civic Alliance, while reiterating that he is[...]

Impunity Won’t Work This Time for Nicaragua

Don Alvaro has the dark skin of people from Masaya, a thin beard of several days, graying, and a sad[...]

Cartoonist Px Molina: “The Best Humor Puts the Powerful in Their Place”

Nicaraguan cartoonist Pedro Molina has been recognized with the Maria Moors Cabot Prize from New York’s Columbia University, one of[...]

Family Denounces Politically Motivated Crime in Leon, Nicaragua

The last thing that the young opposition activist Bryan Murillo did on Tuesday night, just hours before police officers shot[...]

US Sanctions Four Top Ortega Officials in Nicaragua

The US Treasury Department issued new sanctions on Friday against officials of the Ortega-Murillo government in Nicaragua. This time they punished the[...]

Nicaragua: 51 Political Prisoners Moved from Jail to House Arrest

Daniel Ortega ordered the release of 51 of his political prisoners to house arrest on Thursday, while another 182 remain[...]

Ortega’s Police Besiege Local Radio Stations

“La Costenisima” in Bluefields and “Mi Voz” (My Voice) in Leon, were besieged on Friday, March 15, by members of[...]