The Roar of the Lion: “Ortega Must Go!”

Yader Luna

The blocks of Leon became a blue and white tide that celebrated the new liberation of what is known as Nicaragua’s university city. There was also a ca

Bishops to Ortega: Invite the IACHR Now and End the Repression

obispos, diálogo, Nicaragua

“The Government must respect the dignity and freedom of public employees, and not oblige them to attend their Party rallies or activities.”

Independent Journalists Condemn Repression in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Students: “We Won’t Negotiate at a Bloodstained Table”

They demand the presence of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights and the UN. “The objective that united us is freedom and justice in Nicaragu

Nicaragua Student Protests Receive Heartwarming Support

  • Franklin Villavicencio | Yamlek Mojica
  •  9 de mayo 2018

National Assembly Appoints “Truth Commission”

Students said Saturday that the government appointed body has no legitimacy.

Nicaragua Rejects IACHR Visit, Prefers “Internal Procedures” First

IACHR sets up “Coordination room” to monitor the country’s situation

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