Why I Didn’t Tell My Partner I’m Gay

  • Edelma Reyes
  •  8 de enero 2018

These are the stories of three Nicaraguan couples and a marriage, where one of the partners involved discovered that they weren’t heterosexual.

Nicaragua: Cadavers Withheld

Beyond the laws, and the lawsuits, refusing to let family members bury their dead is inhumane behavior.

Putin’s Children

The Giant Puppet Tradition in Sutiava, Nicaragua

  •  16 de diciembre 2017

A family of “gigantona makers” have held on to the tradition of these giant puppets for decades, although in some periods of history it’s been menaced

Nicaragua: They Also Want to Kill the Truth

Carlos F. Chamorro

The country faces a moment of truth, following the cover-up of the death of two minors in a military operation.

Nicaragua Canal Magnate Wang Jing Linked to Ukraine Scandal


As the magnate’s projects are suffering setbacks around the globe Bloomberg has published an article about the numerous tight spots

This Is What Happened in Nicaragua to the 2017 March to End Violence Against Women

  • Elmer Rivas
  •  28 de noviembre 2017

Women from Chinandega, Masaya and Matagalpa were detained by the Police and, without giving any explanations, they occupied the vehicles

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