US Sanctions Four Top Ortega Officials in Nicaragua

OFAC punishes the President of the Assembly, Minister of Transportation, Director of Telcor and the Minister of Health

Nicaragua: 51 Political Prisoners Moved from Jail to House Arrest

Political prisoners still have not received full liberty and their cases remain open

Ortega’s Police Besiege Local Radio Stations

The violation occured on the day before Saturday’s attempted demonstration called by the Blue and White National Unity coalition.

Nicaragua: The State of Siege Announces the Defeat of the Dictatorship

The illegal prohibition of the right to civic protest demonstrates Ortega’s final failure: he cannot govern, nor negotiate, without resorting to force

Nicaragua: Civic Alliance Awaits Release of Political Prisoners “Without Any Delay”

“Process to liberate prisoners and the mechanism to ensure that purpose” were discussed, affirms the Civic Alliance, but gives no details.

The Dictatorship’s Police Kidnap in Masaya

The dictatorship’s police abduct four citizens during another raid on the rebellious Masaya.

Is It Wrong to Look Back?

Triad of Evil

You must know your friends, those who say they are your friends and those who should be at least good neighbors because you live very close to each oth

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