Managua Run Demanded Freedom for Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners

Iván Olivares

Athletes and children, men and dogs, women and elderly citizens all participated: on motorcycles, on foot, on skateboards and bicycles, on skates

A Peoples’ Uprising Is Not a Coup

The history of people’s revolts shows that no ruler nor policy of terror can stop their upward surge.

IMF-World Bank Message to Ortega: First Solve the Political Crisis

Iván Olivares

The visit to the IMF’s headquarters had a different intention: request funds to strengthen reserves.

Nicaragua’s Reserves Drop Sharply in Three Months

Iván Olivares

The withdrawal of bank deposits increases, and the number of people affiliated to Social Security drops

The “People’s Art” that Emerged from the Protests in Nicaragua

Dozens of works of art on canvas, paper and sculptures have been shared under the hashtag #ArteDelPuebloNic

Swiss Fruit Industry Project in Nicaragua Invaded

Iván Olivares

“A blow that does not contribute to a political solution”, states the Manager of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua (APEN).

Walls that Speak: Graffiti in Nicaragua’s Civic Rebellion

If walls could talk, what would they tell us? Graffiti collects the feelings of an era and measures the pulse of a crisis. Nicaragua is no exception

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