Ortega’s Effort with the US “Got Nowhere”

Bendana: “Ortega didn’t want to seem confrontational or angry but casts himself as a supplicant because he’s talking to “Mister Trump”

Sergio Ramirez: Ortega Negotiated his Exit with the USA

Sergio Ramirez

The author and former vice president warns: “His continuance in power is unfeasible” while the elections are being moved up.

Four Premises to Negotiate Ortega’s Surrender

Four Premises
Carlos F. Chamorro

This is the last historic opportunity that Nicaraguans have to implement a lasting democratic change, with justice and without impunity.

Piero Coen: “People Demand a New Government”

Carlos F. Chamorro

The business executive supports “democratization” and advocates for a “quick and peaceful solution”

Women in Nicaragua’s Ongoing 2018 Rebellion

“Whoever says there are no women in this struggle doesn’t know anything.”

“I Want to be Part of the Movement that Changed History”

They’ve watched hundreds of young people file by, sustaining an unarmed battle in the streets. Many have returned wounded, and others dead.

The Roar of the Lion: “Ortega Must Go!”

Yader Luna

The blocks of Leon became a blue and white tide that celebrated the new liberation of what is known as Nicaragua’s university city. There was also a ca

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