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Belgians with Ties to Nicaragua Call for Release of Political Prisoners

“We have clearly verified that you turned your back on the ideals for which we supported you in the past,”[...]

Young Nicaraguan Photographers Focus Their Lenses on the Civic Rebellion

On February 18, protests against the regime of Daniel Ortega entered their tenth month. From the beginning and with each[...]

Demanda firme: Sin libertad de presos políticos, no hay diálogo

A pesar de que el régimen de Daniel Ortega reconoció la crisis política, social y económica que afecta a Nicaragua,[...]

Nicaragua: Peasants Sentenced to Over 200 Years for Opposing Ortega

Medardo Mairena, anti-canal peasant leader and member of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, received a 216-year prison sentence[...]

Trial Against Journalists in Nicaragua Rescheduled

Judge Edgar Altamirano, head of the Ninth District Penal court in Managua, (one of Daniel Ortega’s loyal and obedient judges[...]

Release of Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners: a Precondition for Dialogue

Nicaraguan business leaders Roberto Zamora, Carlos Pellas, Ramiro Ortiz, Juan B. Sacasa and Jose Antonio Baltodano, all representatives of “big[...]

Nicaragua: Government Steps-up Pressure on Public Employees

A tall, thin man with a resonant voice walks through a room full of Ministry of Education (Mined) employees. He[...]

Ortega está forzado a dialogar, afirma Rafael Solís

La reanudación del diálogo nacional entre la Alianza Cívica por la Justicia y la Democracia y la dictadura de Daniel[...]

La escritora Gioconda Belli habla de su reciente libro “Las fiebres de la memoria”

Conversamos con la escritora nicaragüense, Gioconda Belli, sobre su reciente obra literaria “Las fiebres de la memoria”.

Carlos F. Chamorro: a 10 meses de la rebelión de abril, Libertad para todos los presos políticos

El comentario de Carlos F. Chamorro sobre la crisis política en Nicaragua y la reaunadación de un diálogo nacional