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Nicaragua: The Story of an ex-Sandinista and Army Officer Accused of Treason

To followers of Daniel Ortega, Roberto Cruz became a traitor.  And that’s a crime that party loyalists know you pay[...]

Ortega’s Order Was to “Eliminate the Protest Leaders”

Under the expressed orders of Daniel Ortega, the Nicaraguan Police used officers with experience in criminal investigation to “make a[...]

The (still) Present Twentieth Century Nicaragua

“There were problems, it’s true; we made mistakes, it’s true; Of course we made mistakes! And we have asked for[...]

New Aggression Against Nicaragua’s Female Political Prisoners

Bishop Silvio Baez criticized on Sunday the aggression suffered by a group of women in prison, where they are being[...]

“No podíamos dejar a la gente, ni callar, somos pastores”

El sacerdote Augusto Gutiérrez es uno de los cinco curas nicaragüenses obligados a exiliarse, por la represión orteguista contra la[...]

Empresas turísticas despidieron a la mitad de empleados por crisis

El 78% de las empresas turísticas nicaragüenses despidió al menos el 50% de su plantilla durante 2018, como consecuencia de la[...]

A Confession about the Army in Nicaragua and Political Espionage

The Nicaraguan Army has issued a statement to deny the content of a compromising video with comments from the former[...]

What’s Happened to the Icons of Nicaragua’s Civic Protests?

The last time that Alex Vanegas, 63, ran through the streets of Managua was last November 2nd. That day he[...]

Nayib Bukele es “un terremoto político” para El Salvador

La victoria de Nayib Bukele, presidente electo de El Salvador, es un “terremoto político” que abre una nueva etapa en[...]

The Number of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua Rises to 767

The number of political prisoners of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has risen to 767 people, according[...]