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Ortega Refuses to Return Confiscated Property in Nicaragua

The government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo refuses to return the belongings that were taken by their National Police[...]

Ortega y Murillo amenazan con mentira del “golpe de Estado”

El dictador Daniel Ortega intentó levantarle el ánimo a la militancia. El acto era para rendirle homenaje al militante sandinista[...]

What is Daniel Ortega Afraid of?

One of the characteristics of the Ortega regime is the impudence, or the nerve, or the charlatanism. Whatever you may[...]

The Four Defeats of the Ortega Dictatorship

In a week, the dictatorship of Ortega Murillo suffered four important political defeats that have imprinted a new dynamic on[...]

Ortega Backtracks on Agreements in Nicaragua Talks

The International witnesses of the national dialogue between the Civic Alliance and the Government of Daniel Ortega facilitated an agreement[...]

The Economist Sees Ortega in Power in Nicaragua Through 2022

The only vulnerable point of the Ortega-Murillo regime is its susceptibility to US sanctions, according to the latest report from[...]

Nicaraguan Feminists in Exile: “While Ortega Remains in Power, Nobody will be Safe”

In Managua, Matagalpa, Leon, and different cities around the country, the civic protest has counted on a strong women’s participation.[...]

Ortega Promises to Free Political Prisoners and Allow Rights & Freedoms

The dictatorship headed by Daniel Ortega agreed on Friday, March 29, to reaffirm the nation’s constitutional rights and citizens’ liberties,[...]

Breaking Ortega’s Give and Take Game

To retain his grip on state power, Ortega is deploying a strategy on multiple fronts. The negotiation table is just[...]

Nicaragua Protest Movement Back to the Streets until Ortega Leaves Office

Beyond the brutal police repression of the march held last Saturday, March 16, the Blue and White National Unity movement[...]