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Ortega’s Orders and the Confession by Nicaragua’s Police Chief

The confession of Nicaragua’s National Police Chief Francisco Diaz to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, about how the Ortega regime’s paramilitary[...]

Mugabe and Ortega: Similarities and Differences

Daniel Ortega and Robert Mugabe share a lot of similarities, but also some profound differences. Ortega spent seven years in[...]

Pedro Joaquín Chamorro: Ayer y hoy. (Primera parte)

Ortega’s police assault Confidencial’s Newsroom

The offices of CONFIDENCIAL, where the newsroom of this weekly and online news site and the television shows Esta Semana[...]

Tres efectos de las sanciones contra Ortega

Después del shock inicial causado por el efecto sorpresa, las sanciones impuestas por el Gobierno y el Senado de Estados[...]

The Message from the US to Ortega is “Exceptional”

The bilateral and multilateral sanctions imposed by the Trump administration and the United States Senate against Daniel Ortega’s regime, which[...]

Ortega Attacks his Brother and Remains Mum about US Sanctions

Daniel Ortega says nothing about the United States’ sanctions against his government and against his wife and vice president Rosario[...]

Nicaragua: The School Girl Who Threw a Rock at the Police

I’ve watched the video of the students from the “Republic of Argentina” school in Managua, showing a young girl throwing[...]

The Resignation of Ortega-Murillo and the Transition

The state of emergency imposed by Commander Daniel Ortega, severely undermining the constitutional right to free mobilization and the right[...]

La Última Mirada News: El convenio colectivo “Zekeda”

Un vistazo satírico a las noticias más importantes del momento en Nicaragua con Juan Carlos Ampié.