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Brutal Police Repression and Mass Arrests in Nicaragua

The police brutality did not stop hundreds of citizens from waving their blue and white flags and screaming at the[...]

Nicaragua: The Paramilitaries’ Weapons Came from the Police

Before the more recent months acting as a false witness, Captain “Leonardo” was ordered to repress the citizenry. He knows[...]

Nicaragua: Police Captain Admits Making False Testimony against Protestors

Captain “Leonardo” has had to testify about events he did not witness in ten political trials, in which they condemned[...]

Ortega’s Orders and the Confession by Nicaragua’s Police Chief

The confession of Nicaragua’s National Police Chief Francisco Diaz to the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, about how the Ortega regime’s paramilitary[...]

The Deadly Arsenal Used by the Paramilitary in Nicaragua

A detailed analysis of the arsenal used by the army of the Ortega regime’s paramilitary forces against the population in[...]

Nicaragua’s Business Leaders Demand Police Retraction

The Nicaraguan private sector on Thursday demanded the National Police to withdraw “immediately” the public accusation in which it accuses[...]

Ortega Militarizes Managua as European Parliament Members Arrive

The Ortega regime filled the roundabouts and main avenues of Managua with police and riot police, fearing that citizens would[...]

Basketball Player Accused of Toppling a Metal Tree

Carlos Silva Rodriguez lost his final game of basketball. Before the second quarter began, a Police patrol pulled up to[...]

Ortega Declares Marches “illegal” and Imposes a Police State

After repressing, murdering, persecuting and imprisoning hundreds of citizens, the Ortega regime intends to silence the civic protests against the[...]

Harassment and Shooting did not stop Opposition March in Managua

Just before midday on Sunday, thousands of people participating in what was called the “March of the flags” began to[...]