‘The Ortega Regime Must be Forced to Dialogue’, says Ramon Jauregui

Former Spanish European Parliament member asserts that Ortega fails in global politics, and insists on the urgent need for a negotiated solution

Carlos Brenes: “There’s a Crisis Within the Regime’s Forces”

Carlos F. Chamorro

“I know retired members of the Army, the party structures and the government who supported the protest and continue to support the regime’s departure.”

How Some Cubans Experienced the Recent Protests in Ecuador

  • Glenda Boza Ibarra and Ana Lidia García
  •  19 de octubre 2019

In Ecuador, people protest because the fuel subsidy was cut and in Cuba, people pretend "normality" without regular transport services.

Nicaragua’s “Red Lips” Organize a Flash Protest

red lips

“We’re demanding our rights: that we be allowed to demonstrate, and respect for all the freedoms that we have a constitutional right to”

A Solution to the Nicaragua Crisis Lies in the Business and Public Sectors

nicaragua crisis
Carlos F. Chamorro

The political solution to the economic crisis demands more civic pressure from big business owners and the public sector

Nicaraguan Exiles Advised Not to Return Home

nicaraguan exiles

“It is not advisable to take steps to return yet (…) we have had reports of people that arrived from abroad who have been subjected to repression

Nicaragua’s Central Bank President Is Out of Touch

central bank president
Enrique Sáenz

As long as Ortega continues to cling to power, the economy will not lift its head and we will continue to suffer from unemployment

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