Ortega Prohibits Entry of the OAS Commission to Nicaragua


Immigration informed airline managers that “entry is not authorized” to the country. The commission has already been notified.

What the Opposition Faces in a Nicaragua under a State of Siege

state of siege

“The pressure should not decrease. We must keep this volcano awake,” says ‘Franco,’ a protestor who does express sit-ins with friends

Nicaragua: What General Aviles Didn’t Say

Nicaraguan Army
Enrique Sáenz

What General Aviles said in his speech was worthy of note. But what he didn’t say is just as relevant.

Pro-Ortega Thugs Attack Business Leaders with the Police Watching

Pro-Ortega Thugs
Ivette Munguía

Director of “Radio Dario”, Anibal Toruno, returns to Leon despite harassment

Latest UN Report: The Repression Continues in Nicaragua

UN report
Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Bachelet recommends annulment of Nicaragua’s Amnesty Law, in addition to investigating crimes and restoring civil liberties

Nicaragua: A Poorly Conceived Strategy of Phantom Triangulation

Fernando Bárcenas

It is a zero sum game. What one of them wins, the other loses.

How the Crisis in Nicaragua Changed our Sex Lives

Keyling T. Romero

We asked four people to tell us how their sexuality has changed since April 2018.

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