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Nicaragua: “Sanctions Are the Only Language that Ortega and Murillo Understand”

On Wednesday June 19, just hours after Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a report in Washington on torture and the[...]

Protests in Nicaragua Demanding the Release of the Remaining Political Prisoners

Family members of the more than 80 political prisoners who still remain in the Ortega regime’s jails gathered outside the[...]

Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners: Released but Besieged in Their Homes

Beginning practically the very day they were released from prison, the now ex-political prisoners continue being hounded by the police[...]

HRW propone sancionar a jefes de la Policía y hace llamado al BCIE

Tras analizar en un informe las “torturas, malos tratos y juicios fraudulentos” contra manifestantes en Nicaragua, Human Rights Watch (HRW)[...]

Amaya Coppens Defends the Civic Struggle for Nicaragua

Up until November, 2018, the Women’s Autonomous Movement (MAM) and the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) had counted at[...]

Managua, Nicaragua Cathedral Besieged by Ortega’s Riot Police

A mass to offer thanks for the release of a large group of political prisoners ended in a confrontation between[...]

Nicaragua: Merchant Leader Irlanda Jerez says “You Can’t Silence People with Bullets”

Merchant Irlanda Jerez spent 329 days as a prisoner of the Ortega-Murillo regime. During that time, she was interrogated nude,[...]

Congreso de EE. UU. baraja más presión contra la dictadura

Mientras Nicaragua seguía con jubilo la liberación de los presos políticos este martes, en el Congreso de Estados Unidos se[...]

Ortega Dictates a Law of Self-Amnesty in Nicaragua

The government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo have declared their own amnesty. On Friday they sent to the National[...]

Nicaragua: The Children of Ortega’s Political Prisoners

It’s 1:00 p.m. on Monday, May 20. Abril Ariana, 10, Roberto Leonel, 8, and Angel Neomar, 3 months old haven’t[...]