Rosario Murillo

Nicaragua: “Sanctions Are the Only Language that Ortega and Murillo Understand”

Carlos F. Chamorro

Protests in Nicaragua Demanding the Release of the Remaining Political Prisoners


“The government hopes to deceive the international community. They want to leave these political prisoners as common criminals”.

Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners: Released but Besieged in Their Homes

Políticas Prisioners

Released prisoners under constant harassment and surveillance.

HRW propone sancionar a jefes de la Policía y hace llamado al BCIE

Organismo insta a países de la región y a la Unión Europea a imponer más sanciones contra el régimen y sus altos funcionarios

Amaya Coppens Defends the Civic Struggle for Nicaragua

Amaya Coppens
  • Mónica García
  •  18 de junio 2019

After 245 days in prison, Amaya Coppens continues convinced of having made the right decision: to be part of the struggle to free Nicaragua.

Managua, Nicaragua Cathedral Besieged by Ortega’s Riot Police

Ivette Munguía

The officers fired stun bombs as soon as the demonstrators approached the gates around the church.

Nicaragua: Merchant Leader Irlanda Jerez says “You Can’t Silence People with Bullets”

Merchant Leader
Juan Carlos Bow

Politically outspoken leader of the market venders can’t return home following her release from prison, as it was sacked and occupied the night.

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