Wawa Bar, Nicaragua: Returning to a Devastated Land

Cinthya Torrez

They’re going back despite the fact that there’s no water and the houses have all been destroyed.

Hurricane Victims Clamor for Food and Aid to Rebuild

Ivette Munguía

Government help isn’t reaching all of the shelters in Bilwi. With each passing day, the hunger and desperation mount.

Iota’s aftermath: 1,200 kilometers of destroyed roads and flooded crop areas

Iván Olivares

Hurricane Iota devastated the last bean harvest, and the areas affected by Eta that were close to being harvested got a final blow by Iota

CPDH Lawyer Asserts: The Government “Is Giving a License to Kill”

Jorge Luis Rugama Rizo
Yader Luna

The sentence and release of a supporter accused of the point-blank murdering of opponent Jorge Rugama “is a message of impunity,” warns attorney

Photo report | Floods and avalanches shake Jinotega after Iota

Nayira Valenzuela

The passage of Iota through this department left dozens of homes destroyed and hundreds of evacuees in churches and temples

Women Can’t Mediate Under Death Threat

Gender-based violence
Keyling T. Romero

Expert says that women reporting violence in Nicaragua are forced to mediate with their aggressors, and the system exposes them to violence

Migrant Trafficking on the Nicaragua – Costa Rica Border

Migrant trafficking

A study reveals 51 unmarked crossings used by Nicaraguan migrants. It also highlights the dangers they encounter in their crossing.

Haulover, a Community Devastated by Eta and Iota

Ivette Munguía

Evacuated inhabitants try to return to their place of origin due to the lack of conditions in the shelters, but they no longer have a house to return

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