General Aviles: Will He Lead the Army for 15 Years?

Carlos F. Chamorro

Julio Cesar Aviles has already been in his position for ten years and goes for five more, but his future is tied to the political destiny of Ortega

Nicaraguan Army

We’re Rolling! A Local Bus Becomes a Theater Presentation

theater presentation
Iván Olivares

The Justo Rufino Garay Theater presents an intense hour-long piece that offers the chance to laugh and to see a reflection of our everyday lives

The Cyclists Who Crossed Nicaragua in Three Days

Cyclists Who Crossed Nicaragua

A group of five cyclists set out to travel Nicaragua, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, in three days. 460 kilometers later, they tell how they succeed

Nicaraguans in Costa Rica: a Long History of Welcome and Rejection

Nicaraguans in Costa Rica
Cindy Regidor

The long history between Costa Ricans and Nicaraguan migrants has shaped families and friendships, although discrimination and xenophobia still persist

“Bukele Blows his Image as a Cool President”

nayib bukele
Carlos F. Chamorro

Carlos Dada, founder of El Faro: “Bukele has provided enough displays of his authoritarian, undemocratic disposition and of being a danger to stability

Victims of April Organize to Campaign for Political Prisoners Release

victims of april

Released political prisoners, as well as families of political prisoners and those wounded during protests create “Victims of April Association”

Sixty-one Political Prisoners Still Remain in Ortega’s Jails

Political Prisoners

The preliminary count of the political prisoners includes 35 awaiting trial, 21 declared guilty and 5 who are currently detained with no accusation

Nicaraguan Opposition Warns of Paramilitary Danger during Future Elections


They denounce that paramilitaries try to prevent the Civic Alliance from meeting with its base and organizing territorially before any future elections

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