Value of Properties in Nicaragua Decrease Drastically

The value of properties in Nicaragua has fallen between 20% and 30%, as a result of the crisis that has[...]

Properties in Nicaragua

Dilon Zeledon

Only someone who has been in jail can fully understand how the body changes when one hears the sound of[...]


In order to draft a strategy on solid ground one of the essential steps is to analyze the strengths and[...]


There were 17 hours of continuous gunfire, as witnessed by neighbors from the Villa Fontana sector in Managua, who recorded[...]


A drunk, one accused of beating women, two irresponsible fathers and two marked as rapists have come together in the[...]


The government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has prolonged the harassment and repression against opposition voices, assured the Deputy[...]

Independent Media

On June 9th journalist Miguel Mora, owner of 100% Noticias, warned that the Nicaraguan government is trying to kill his[...]

Daniel Ortega commemorated the 40th anniversary of The Repliegue (tactical retreat) to Masaya last week by riding on a Mercedes[...]

William Aragon’s countenance changes when he begins to speak about his life as a journalist, and with no wonder. Over[...]

Lucia Pineda

Nicaraguan journalist and former political prisoner Lucia Pineda Ubau was selected as one of the five winners of the 2019[...]

Nicaragua Army

Since the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS presented its preliminary report on Nicaragua in May of 2018,[...]