The Judges of Caiaphas vs. Ernesto Cardenal

I only found out this Sunday that Ernesto Cardenal has been notified that he must pay $800,000 USD, via a[...]


Poet Ernesto Cardenal arrived in Granada this past Tuesday to participate in the International Poetry Festival.  He was in a[...]

Trabajadora sexual

HAVANA TIMES – A historic precedent was set in the case of a sex worker in Nicaragua last week: the[...]

the United States Senate confirmed Rex Tillerson as the US Secretary of State for the new Trump administration.

The past returns to haunt us sometimes, and those you thought you’d beaten come back with more power.  That’s exactly[...]

Emprendedores, La Fabrica

Investing 350 Córdoba’s (US $11.80) in a medicine chest for de-worming dogs and putting up a sign to advertise the[...]

Johana Sequeira went from being on the streets as a sex worker in the shadows of Managua to collaborating with[...]

The Indio-Maiz Reserve after the passing of Hurricane Otto. The disbursement represents payment due from an insurance policy against tropical storms. Community leaders demand to know how the money is being utilized.

Comandante Daniel Ortega’s government successfully filed an insurance claim for the quantity of US$1,110,193 on a policy against catastrophic events,[...]

Frente Sandinista

Their desperate desire to impose the story of their starring role in the supposed miracle of our national history pretty[...]

Frente Sandinista

This year has begun with gusts of wind and storm clouds, as if nature were echoing the political events that[...]

Reforming the pension system is an ever more urgent task, given that the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS) has suffered[...]

There aren’t any enemies more terrible than two writers who fight; they carve each other up with no mercy; they[...]

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