Life after Prison: The Efforts of Six ex-Political Prisoners

Ivette Munguía

Without jobs, “with a record,” persecuted or in exile, they try to rebuild their lives despite a police state, the pandemic and the economic situation

ex-Political Prisoners in Nicaragua

Erica Chenoweth: Civil Resistance Can Defeat a Dictatorship

Carlos F. Chamorro

“Non-violent movements are more inclusive; but they require greater organization. They fail when the State manages to divide them,” says professor

Ortega-Murillo regime threatens opponents with life sentences


Today's news report: a proposal for electoral reforms, several political prisoners have been captured, and new threats of life sentences in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan VP’s Hate Speech “in Defense of Love”

Cindy Regidor

Ortega calls them “children of the devil”. Murillo adds: “sellouts, straw dolls, scrapings, cigarette butts, criminals, terrorists, ghouls, serpents”.

Murillo Orders Signature Campaign for Life Imprisonment

Keyling T. Romero

The collection is done in door-to-door visits, in schools and public institutions, where some sign to keep their jobs

Almudena Bernabeu: “There Is Hope for Justice in Nicaragua”

Carlos F. Chamorro

Bernabeu is an international lawyer who litigated cases such as the massacre of the Jesuits in El Salvador and genocide against Rios Montt in Guatemala

Why is the Ortega-Murillo regime persecuting the Nicaragua flag?

Juan Carlos Bow

The National Police illegally seizes plastic flags for supposedly including a rainbow that resembles a paving stone barricade, a symbol of protest

Belarus protests: Is there a resemblance to Nicaragua?


The case of Nadzeya, a Belarusian woman who protested against dictator Alexander Lukashenko, shows the similarities between the two regimes

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