Nicaraguan Farmers in Opposing Camps over GMOs

Maynor Salazar

Alvaro Fiallos, National Union of Farmers and Ranchers of Nicaragua (UNAG) president: “It’s not true they would raise productivity in the country.”

Nicaragua Canal Project Owners Reduce Presence to a Minimum

While the peasant anti-canal movement demands Ortega overturn the canal law, Chinese billionaire Wang Jing is still missing.

Death Threats in Nicaragua against Indigenous Rights Activist

Lottie Cunningh

“I hold the State responsible for the threats on my life” Lottie Cunningham demands protection for human rights advocates in Nicaragua

Venezuela, Tales of the Absurd

Puntos de venta es el nombre con que se conoce a los sistemas para usar el dinero plástico. Su empleo proliferó entre comerciantes informales. Foto: Joskar Armas

A series of reports about how Venezuelans have had to rethink their lifestyle due to the crisis.

Almagro’s Double Standards with Venezuela and Nicaragua


Accuses Maduro of violating the Inter-American Diplomatic Charter, while praising agreement with Ortega

The Rural Artists of Solentiname, Nicaragua

A visit to Ernesto Cardenal’s paradise

Why Teen Girls Rose Up at a Guatemalan Children’s Home

  • By Gabriel Woltke and Martin Rodriguez Pellecer
  •  11 de marzo 2017

It wasn’t because they didn’t like how the food tasted. A story of abuse by Guatemalan authorities

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