Imprisoned Truth

political prisoners
Gioconda Belli

A poem by Gioconda Belli, dedicated to the political prisoners of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

Elsa Valle: I’m Going to Keep Going until Nicaragua is Free

Elsa Valle
Maynor Salazar

“I’m going to keep going until he’s freed, until all of the political prisoners are free and until Nicaragua is freed.

“Nobody Invests” in a Country Where the President Threatens

President Threatens

The former President of “AmCham” says that the private sector has “grouped together” faced with threats from Ortega.

Ortega Declares Marches “illegal” and Imposes a Police State

Police State

“The individuals and organizations that call for these illegal displacements will be brought to justice,” threatens the Police.

Political Prisoners: Amaya, the Young Woman with a Big Smile

Amaya Coppens
Yader Luna

She has been a radio host and she painted murals in her beloved Esteli. Born in Belgium, this Nicaraguan woman is one of the most persecuted by Ortega

Double Play: Sports and Politics in Today’s Embattled Nicaragua

Edgard Tijerino

The highly popular program of sportswriter, Edgar Tijerino, leaves radio La Primerisima after 19 years of broadcasting but has new homes.

Nicaragua’s Peasant Leader Francisca Ramirez Speaks from Costa Rica

Franklin Villavicencio

The rural leader has left Nicaragua and remains in Costa Rica. “They have forced us to migrate, but they haven’t silenced us".

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