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Nicaraguan Police, under the orders of commander Daniel Ortega, arrived Friday night at the 100% Noticias TV facilities in Managua,[...]

On Wednesday, December 19, groups of journalists and human rights defenders in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Costa Rica tried[...]

The Government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo committed “crimes against humanity” during the repression of the civic protests, says[...]

“You know you’re lying,” Vilma Nunez told the National Police the day after they accused her and Gonzalo Carrion, legal[...]

Censorship leaves citizens blind and at the mercy of their rulers. The recent assaults of President Daniel Ortega against the[...]

Donald Trump signed on Thursday the Nica Act, which establishes harsh political and economic sanctions by the United States against[...]

UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies Statement on Nicaragua December 19, 2018 The UC Berkeley Center for Latin American[...]

Carlos Fernando Chamorro knew it. Or, at least, he suspected it: “With Daniel, one is always wrong. The most common[...]

The journalist and director of “Confidencial” and the “Esta Semana” TV program, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, reacted to the assault and[...]

Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship expelled the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) from Nicaragua on Wednesday, thus failing to comply with[...]