The Ortega regime has opted to insult and discredit the members of the Civic Alliance, since they’ve been unable to[...]

One day last March, ‘Emiliana’, a 36-year-old Nicaraguan living in a city on the Pacific Coast, went to one of[...]

Haydee Castillo wrote the last sentence of her speech five hours before she was to read it during the Permanent[...]

Mothers in Nicaragua

The Ortega regime’s plan of using the negotiating sessions with the Civic Alliance to promote an amnesty was energetically rejected[...]


The savings and loan cooperative “Caja Rural Nacional” (Caruna RL- National Rural Fund), the financial institution the Ortega regime used[...]


In mid-February, Nicaragua’s big bankers, along with the key representatives of capital, known as the “COSEP business council advisors”, met[...]

Civic Alliance

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has raised the level of confrontation against the members of the Civic[...]


On Friday, March 29, “Esperanza” turned on her television and listened to the reading of the agreements signed by the[...]

Gioconda Belli

Writer, political activist and well-known feminist Gioconda Belli says that “it took an act of empathy” to write her latest[...]


In the second poorest country of Latin America, it’s offensive, vulgar and disgusting to hear reporters, who in reality are[...]