The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) approved its third resolution on Wednesday condemning the violence of[...]


The people of Nicaragua are living under repression, mourning their dead, condemning kidnappings, demanding freedom for political prisoners and always[...]


Juan Sebastian Gomez began making videos for fun. He wanted to make people laugh, and in 2012, with that in[...]

Carlos Mejia Godoy

If writer Sergio Ramirez had to choose just one song from Carlos Mejia Godoy’s repertoire, he says it would be[...]

Angel Gahona

Journalist Angel Gahona was killed by a well-aimed gunshot on the night of April 21st in Bluefields, on Nicaragua’s Atlantic[...]

In the last two decades, civic protests have exploded in Latin America and Europe – in Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela and[...]

An image with the tag “#SOSINSS” circulated over the social networks, inviting people to a citizen protest on Wednesday, April[...]

Edwin Carcache

Edwin Carcache Davila, a leader of the April 19th Student Movement and member of the Justice and Democracy Alliance, arrested[...]

Work Stoppage

The Civic Alliance for Democracy and Justice termed Friday’s national strike “successful” – the third such strike in four months[...]

The small business leader and dentist Irlanda Jerez has been for 54 days in an eight by four meters’ cell,[...]