The Lessons Daniel Ortega Learned from the Eighties

Lessons Daniel Ortega, Bishops
Melba Castillo A

Limit public expenditures, control the repressive apparatus and the justice system, all while increasing his family’s wealth

Nicaragua-Costa Rica Border Crisis: Nearly a Thousand Stranded Truckers

Border crisis between Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Costa Rica imposes strict sanitary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Central America reacts and Ortega closes the border post.

“Daniel Ortega the Good Guy against the Wicked Costa Ricans”

Daniel Ortega’s intelligence, Daniel Ortega against Costa Ricans
Enrique Sáenz

In the face of the increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths, something that is public knowledge, Ortega needed and still needs to divert our attention

INSS Promotes Crowds of the Elderly: “It’s Criminal”, says Epidemiolgist

INSS Promotes Crowds
Juan Carlos Bow

Hundreds of retired persons gather at the departmental Social Security (INSS) offices to collect their monthly check, despite COVID-19

Arrests and Myths Behind the “Fever” for Eucalyptus Leaves in Nicaragua

Eucalyptus Leaves

After the fever for eucalyptus leaves began, the Police arrested a group of street sellers who offered them as a remedy against Covid-19

US Slaps Sanctions on Nicaraguan Army Chief and Finance Minister

Sanctions on Nicaraguan Army
Yader Luna

“The Army provided weapons to the paramilitary that carried out acts of violence against the Nicaraguan people,” says the US Treasury Department

Baseball Suspended for Three Weeks after Coach’s Death from Covid-19

Coach died from Covid-19
Mónica García Peralta

Government sports authorities suggest prevention measures, although only partial, despite the death of a coach

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