After the Horrors of Prison in Nicaragua, Lucia Pineda Resumes Journalism

Lucia Pineda Ubau

Lucia met with colleagues, family, friends; she spoke with the Costa Rican President and the Foreign Minister.

The Six-Year Struggle against the Chinese Canal in Nicaragua

Chinese Canal

Six-years after the canal concession, the peasant movement that rose up against Ortega, persists in its struggle despite jail and exile.

Amaya Coppens Defends the Civic Struggle for Nicaragua

Amaya Coppens
  • Mónica García
  •  18 de junio 2019

After 245 days in prison, Amaya Coppens continues convinced of having made the right decision: to be part of the struggle to free Nicaragua.

Managua, Nicaragua Cathedral Besieged by Ortega’s Riot Police

Ivette Munguía

The officers fired stun bombs as soon as the demonstrators approached the gates around the church.

Confidencial -Nicaraguan Independent Media-, 6 Months under Confiscation

Carlos F. Chamorro

Ortega must stop this triple violation against freedom of the press, private property and freedom of enterprise.

Nicaragua: Amnesty vs Crimes Against Humanity


Executive secretary of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights Paulo Abrao speaks about Ortega’s self-amnesty.

Ortega Mobs Attack the Cathedral in Leon, Nicaragua

Ortega Mobs
Ivette Munguía

The attackers played propaganda music of Ortega and later threw stones into the interior of the temple where a mass was taking place.

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