Family Denounces Politically Motivated Crime in Leon, Nicaragua

National and international human rights organizations including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), demand an investigation

Militancy, Militant, Military in the Context of Nicaragua

Onofre Guevara López

The FSLN was an armed party and has returned to being an armed party during these last years, especially now.

Value of Properties in Nicaragua Decrease Drastically

Properties in Nicaragua

There are no buyers, even though the owners are willing to lose part of the price of their houses and land.

Nicaraguan Student Dilon Zeledon Describes His Ticket to Hell

Dilon Zeledon

Dilon Zeledón, was tortured and expelled from the university. Today he is out of jail and speaking out, blaming the UNEN, for the hell he lived through

Nicaragua: What’s Left of the Venezuelan Oil Money?

Enrique Sáenz

Do the math. Ortega received a cake every year, divided into 20 slices. And now he only receives one slice, out of the 20 he used to receive.

The Massacre to Sabotage Nicaraguan University Students’ Demands, One Year On


A year has passed since the attack on Managua’s National Autonomous University (UNAN) and on the Church of the Divine Mercy.

Nicaragua: The dictator Daniel Ortega and his Disciples


Typical “macho men” are possessive, aggressive, cruel, dominant, authoritarian, abusers of women, and in more exceptional cases even of other men.

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