Nicaragua’s El Chipote Prison: The Ax Survives its Owner

El Chipote
José Luis Rocha

El Chipote is, according to former inmates, one of Nicaragua’s oldest and most infamous torture centers.

A Generation of Nicaraguans Raises Its Hands

Alejandra Centeno

Amidst renewed understandings and old memories, we recognize ourselves as political actors capable of communicating, constructing agreements

A Via Crucis in a “Crucified Nicaragua”

Juan Carlos Bow

Processions with flags and crosses as a symbol of protest; young people take a roundabout, and the Police intimidate and throws tear gas bombs

Nicaragua: The Suffering of News Anchor Lucia Pineda

“We found Lucia without spirit and anguished of so much loneliness,” denounces the sister of journalist Lucia Pineda Ubau, who narrates the poor condit

Nicaragua: The April Insurrection from a Student’s Perspective

Yaritzha Mairena

When we discarded party flags, a civic struggle arose that is stronger than any ideology.

Vilma Nunez: “Even with the International Organizations, there are No Guarantees”

Ivette Munguía

The president of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights is skeptical about the negotiations with the regime.

The Challenges Before and After Ortega is Gone

Enrieth Martínez

How do we create spaces where people who took to the streets to protest also make decisions and participate?

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