Grief and Demands for Justice at Nicaraguan/US Citizen’s Burial


“They were in a hurry for us to come get the body, because they didn’t want another independent autopsy,” declared Francisco Montes.

Nicaragua: Kidnapped Young People Appear at the Cathedral and a Hospital


The Ortega government denied that it had committed the kidnappings. The young people showed signs of physical and psychological abuse.

Guard Kills Political Prisoner in Nicaragua

The deceased has been identified as Eddy Antonio Montes Praslin, 56, originally from Matagalpa and a United States citizen

Student Protestor Makes Film on the Civic Rebellion in Nicaragua

Civic Rebellion

A student who took part in the occupation of the UNAN Managua university and lived the attack on the Divina Misericordia Church.

Nicaragua/Women: They Kill Us Because They Hate Us

  • Maryorit Guevara
  •  17 de mayo 2019

Although they continue murdering women, their cases are left forgotten because there’s no commitment to seeking and arresting those who commit femicide

Sergio Ramirez: I See No Future for the Ortega Regime

Sergio Ramirez
Juan Carlos Bow

Writer recalls that the departure of Somoza occurred “in the framework of international pressure,” with the United States and the OAS as actors.

The Hour of Big Business, the Army and the FSLN

Carlos F. Chamorro

A political solution is not in the inertia of the economic crisis, nor in the sanctions, but in the expansion of the national alliance.

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