An Abysmal Failure of Leadership

Donald Trump Leadership during crisis
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Leadership is absolutely crucial during a crisis. Leaders can exert strong influence on group identity – the force that turns “me” and “you” into “us.”

Dora Maria Tellez: “Ortega Deceived His Followers”

Dora Maria Tellez, sandinistas, sandinista

Covid-19 has brought a credibility crisis and a splintering, says Tellez, because “Ortega has played with the lives of his own followers.”

The Pandemic of Authoritarianism in Latin America

  • Miguel Puentes / Connectas
  •  6 de mayo 2020

Amid the Covid-19 emergency, some governments take the opportunity to impose decisions contrary to the urgent needs of their peoples

European Union Sanctions Six High Officials of the Ortega Government

Juan Carlos Bow

The EU sanctions on six key officials of the Nicaraguan government accompany those already imposed by the U.S. and Canada

Nicaraguan Doctors and Health Professionals Urge Ortega to Take Covid-19 Seriously

Take Covid-19 Seriously

They sign a public pronouncement in which they demand the government adopt sanitary, economic and social measures to face covid-19

Quarantine Afternoon


Reading Murakami’s “Kafka on the Shore”. During this pandemic and the resulting confinement, there’s one fundamental revelation: the necessity of art

The Resistance of the Press in Nicaragua

Resistance of the Press

While persecuted by the dictatorship, independent journalism’s resistance keeps the flame of press freedom alive as the last reserve of a democracy

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