Matagalpa, Nicaragua Diocese Lodges Complaint over Ortega Supporters Abuse

“The Church is on the side of the people of God, not of the powerful”, says the vicar of the Matagalpa Cathedral, Father Sadiel Eugarrios.

Nicaraguans Exiled in Costa Rica Reject Ortega’s Return Offer

  • Leticia Gaitan / Special for Confidencial
  •  7 de julio 2019

“Daniel Ortega is not giving any guarantees for those who are there in Nicaragua, much less for those who are in exile,” says activist.

Ex-Political Prisoners Sell Handicrafts to Survive

Yader Luna

Bags, bracelets, keychains and earrings are some of the products they’ve learned to make while in prison and which they now sell at fairs.

Businesses in Nicaragua Struggle to Survive the Economic Crisis

Economic Crisis

Lay-offs and reduced sales are the common denominators for business, industry and the financial sector.

Harsh Critic of Ortega Becomes EU Foreign Policy Chief

Juan Carlos Bow

The socialist party diplomat supports implementing sanctions against the “dictatorship” in Nicaragua because of the “bloody repression.”

Relatives of Victims in Nicaragua Demand Justice not a Clean Slate

Maynor Salazar

“This law does not include us. It’s for them”, says Alejandra Rivera, mother of Daniel Rivera, who was killed on May 30.

Nicaragua: Peasant Movement and Students Exert Leadership

They see themselves as a compliment to the Civic Alliance and Blue and White Unity movement, not a contradiction.

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