A month had passed since April 18 when the protests began, and we found ourselves thinking about what might happen[...]

Daniel Ortega’s regime published a series of photographs that, according to them, show that they “are respecting the human rights”[...]

Tourism Industry

Nicaragua’s tourism sector is experiencing an all-time low since the ‘80s. It won’t grow for the first time in 28[...]

The protests against the regime of President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua began on April 18, five months ago. The resulting[...]

Daniel Ortega wants a civil war. Of all the possible scenarios to put an end to the tragedy that Nicaragua[...]

Neurosurgeon Josmar Briones fully grasped the level of brutality unleashed by Daniel Ortega’s regime in Nicaragua when he received in[...]

The history of dictators repeats itself. They repress and terrorize their population when they should protect and respect them, while[...]

Fact-checking Daniel Ortega

In late August and early September, Comandante Daniel Ortega embarked on an unprecedented round of interviews with the international media. [...]

In July of 1979, after 40 years of an opprobrious dictatorship, the Nicaraguan people put an end to the Somoza[...]

Political Prisoners

At the “La Esperanza” (Hope) prison in Tipitapa, 17 women are illegally detained. For them there is no sun light,[...]