One April 22nd, in the year 2002, Nicaraguan police arrested Byron Jerez, today an elected representative in Nicaragua’s National Assembly,[...]

Daniel Ortega and Robert Mugabe share a lot of similarities, but also some profound differences. Ortega spent seven years in[...]

Nine months into the Nicaraguan political crisis, the country is looking at a difficult year ahead. It faces a government[...]

Neither Forgive nor Forget

Neither pardon (legal) nor forget (political). The parentheses are useful to rehearse a response, with the brevity of a slogan,[...]

Rafael Solis

The resignation of Rafael Solis as magistrate of the Supreme Court, after 21 years in office, and his militancy in[...]


Along the Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City’s main boulevard, the faces of the 43 students from the Ayotizinapa Rural[...]

Hansell Vasquez

Hansell Vasquez liked to dream of owning a big company. He saw himself leading it and giving his family the[...]

A basic premise of some of the theories of globalization is the declining power of the nation-states that accompanies or[...]

“Neither forgive nor forget,” sounds good, but… What does it mean within our current context? The next stage of the[...]

The resignation of Rafael Solis to his high office in the Nicaraguan Supreme Court, and also to his militancy in[...]