Paulo Abrao, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (IACHR), revealed this Monday the names of those who[...]

Daniel Ortega

For a tightrope artist, the rope is his workplace. He or she could happily spend days and nights on a[...]


HAVANA TIMES – The main brands of clothing, footwear and other industries operating in Nicaragua’s Free Trade Zones issued a[...]


El Salvador prosecutors have started an international extradition process for former president Mauricio Funes (2009-2014), who was charged with embezzling[...]


HAVANA TIMES – Tens of thousands of Nicaraguans participated in the “La Marcha de las Flores”, dedicated to the 20[...]


HAVANA TIMES – The fastest solution to the crisis facing Nicaragua, for more than two months, is that commander Daniel[...]

Nicaraguan woman

The “March of the flowers”, in memory of the children and teenagers killed during the protests against the Ortega government,[...]

general strike

It’s the hour of unity,  the hour to create a silence,  so as to hear the footsteps of the tyrant[...]


A 660 million dollar withdrawal in deposits (12% of the total) in two months increases the chances of Nicaragua’s Central[...]

Once more, the government of Daniel Ortega evaded a response to the question of whether he would accept moving up[...]