Nicaraguan Opposition Warns of Paramilitary Danger during Future Elections


They denounce that paramilitaries try to prevent the Civic Alliance from meeting with its base and organizing territorially before any future elections

Comrade Trump

Donald Trump Leadership during crisis
Nina L. Khrushcheva

In his recent State of the Union (SOTU), US president Donald Trump recalled Joseph Stalin’s 1935 proclamation

Documentary about Artistic Resistance of Nicaraguans in Exile

exiled artists

“Sangre Nueva” is the second of three documentary productions of the Managua Furiosa cultural platform, about exiled Nicaraguan artists

Spanish Consortium TSK-Melfosur Withdraws from Disnorte-Dissur

TSK-Melfosur, factura de energía eléctrica, servicios básicos en Nicaragua, período de gracia
Juan Carlos Bow

TSK-Melfosur is leaving for fear of sanctions, since the sanctioned Nicaraguan-Venezuelan company Albanisa, still maintains total “financial control”

University Students: the Youth Agenda has been Relegated

university students

The debate following Edwin Carcache’s resignation from the Civic Alliance: What’s the role and the real weight of the youth within the Civic Alliance

Gioconda Belli: One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summer; or Does It?

one swallow
Gioconda Belli

Recognizing past mistakes is a valuable exercise because they provide lessons that can be shared, so that the same mistakes aren’t repeated

Business Owners Seek Political Solution to Economic Crisis in Nicaragua

Mario Arana, cafta-dr, Solution to Economic Crisis
Ivette Munguía

AmCham partners have “assumed responsibility” for contributing to the search for a solution to the economic crisis that the country is going through

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