Richard Feinberg Warns on Nicaragua: “Economy in Free Fall”

Possible impacts of US sanctions on popular discontent and loyalty towards Ortega are analyzed, if there is no political agreement.

“They Threatened to Kill Us if Nicaragua Rises Up Again”

Kill Us

College student Jorge Zapata, released after eight months in prison for protesting against the government, describes threats and abuse in prison.

After 187 Days in Prison, Athlete Still Wears his Scrubs


This athlete is one of the political prisoners whose confinement status was changed by the dictatorship from prison to house arrest.

The Vatican, Dialogue and Dictatorships: Venezuela & Nicaragua

Enrique Sáenz

In 2016 in Venezuela, the ambassador to the pope announced the Maduro government and the Venezuelan opposition had agreed on an exit strategy.

Nicaragua Protest Movement Back to the Streets until Ortega Leaves Office


They reject any amnesty and will form a “political council” to accompany the Civic Alliance, with a focus on peaceful protest.

Civic Protest in Nicaragua has Become Express


From putting stickers to sit-ins that last a few minutes. To protest has become a “crime,” but university students have not stopped doing it.

“Zero Hour” to Talk of Justice for Nicaragua


A group of young people have launched a campaign to promote reflection on the lack of justice in Nicaragua’s recent history.

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