El Salvador Elects New President on Sunday Feb. 3rd

Iván Olivares

The former mayor of San Salvador, expelled by the FMLN in 2017, compared Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega with Somoza.

The Left in the Face of Dictatorship in Nicaragua

Dictatorship in Nicaragua
Alberto Arene

“It is time for the non-fascist and not Marxist-Leninist left to be on the right side of history.”

Nicaragua’s Economic Collapse Has Already Begun

Economic Collapse
Iván Olivares

Government plans to increase taxes and contributions to social security (INSS), but there is no political agreement or resources from external sources.

“The FSLN Doesn’t Represent the Values of International Socialism”


The violation of human rights, the inexistent balance of powers, and the “delinquent socialism” of the FSLN are the reasons given for expelling the gov

Nicaraguan Runner Alex Vanegas Barred from Exercising in Prison

Alex Vanegas

The marathon runner was illegally detained on November 2nd and has in his favor a release order that was shelved.

“Maduro is Condemned to Negotiate”, says Chavez’s Biographer


“The Armed Forces are a key variable.” “Venezuela’s greatest challenge in the future will be how to put the military back in its barracks.”

Leftist EU Deputy Declares Ortega Anything but Socialist


“There’s no socialism without democracy, without human rights, and with political prisoners, period.”

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