The recent protests left a painful total of over 39 dead as the product of the repression. However, they also[...]

The killings perpetrated by the paramilitary forces of the Ortega/Murillo regime and the riot squads of the National Police resulted[...]

Wang Jing, the Chinese magnate who in 2013 received the concession from Daniel Ortega’s government to construct an inter-oceanic canal,[...]

One of the topics that should be discussed in a possible dialogue to resolve the profound crisis affecting Nicaragua is[...]

represión INSS

HAVANA TIMES – Violence broke out in Managua on Wednesday, April 18, when members of the Sandinista Youth deploying sticks,[...]

The “miniscule” expressed themselves. The “miniscule” marched by the hundreds, by the thousands. A multitude of Nicaraguan citizens walked from[...]

CICIG Nicaragua

We didn’t expect it to arrive so conclusively, but the Day of Rage came for our government leaders on April[...]

The Israeli-U.S. company Bean & Co., that intends to plant 40,000 hectares (98,842 acres) of cacao all over the world,[...]

HAVANA TIMES – As the sun went down on Sunday, April 23, the monumental march to repudiate the actions of[...]


The reforms to the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security (INSS) law imposed by President Daniel Ortega, substantially increasing employer and[...]