Mothers of April

The “Mothers of April” Movement condemned the massacre that occurred during the peaceful Mother’s Day march of May 30th, which[...]


During their recent visit and investigation, the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (IACHR) requested that the Nicaraguan State adopt precautionary[...]

Faced with the abuses of Daniel Ortega’s government against the Nicaraguan population, “the only way out” that has remained “are[...]

Demandan a OEA

Belinda Peña didn’t sleep on Saturday night. At two in the morning she left from the State of New Jersey[...]

Businessman Piero Coen Ubilla, president of the Coen Group, a large conglomerate that wields a lot of weight in Nicaragua[...]

“We won’t act until Pancha gives the word!” is heard in the area around Gate 5 of the Nicaraguan Autonomous[...]

The bishops of the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference decided on Wednesday afternoon to suspend the National Dialogue that aims to find[...]


The preliminary report on the April killings in Nicaragua from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) is definitive in[...]

On the morning of April 19th, he packed his bag with small handkerchiefs, gauze bandages, face masks and medical instruments,[...]

Wearing a typical white cotton dress with the coat of arms of Nicaragua in the center, Francis Batres, a teacher,[...]