Gabriel. 29 years old. Gay. Undocumented. Living in the United States was never Gabriel’s plan. He wanted to work there[...]


Ana. Age 29. Undocumented. Three children. Los Angeles Ana isn’t her real name – it’s been changed to protect her[...]

Political Meltdown

The draft of the Nica Bill [Nicaraguan Investments Conditionality Act], threatening to impose economic sanctions on Nicaragua in response to[...]


Jazel. 44 years old.  Undocumented.  Survivor of domestic violence Jazel – this is her real name – has no home, or[...]

In a field located along kilometer 68 of the old highway from Managua to Leon there’s a large plantation of[...]

The Russian military presence in Nicaragua still hasn’t “alarmed” the United States, but it has kept them on their toes[...]


The recently released new version of the Nica Act, which proposes that the US government automatically veto any loans to[...]

Patricia Belli is possibly the most influential contemporary Nicaraguan artist of our times. The opening of “Balance and Collapse”, an[...]


The new version of the “Nica Act” (Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act) presented Wednesday by 25 members of the US House[...]


The 2017 report from the United Nations, headed by economist Jeffrey Sachs, has pronounced Nicaragua #43 among the happiest countries[...]