Carlos Herrera | Confidencial

Lord Rulers of the world: I’m just a Catholic nun. No one has asked me to write to you but[...]


Sweden has been committed to Central America and Nicaragua since the 1970s, in peace processes, supporting the victims of dictatorships[...]


On day #87 since the protests began in Nicaragua, thousands of Nicaraguans went out onto the streets of Managua and[...]

Rural Leader

Medardo Mairena, coordinator of the National Council in Defense of the Land, the Lake and Sovereignty, was arrested at noon[...]

National Strike

At least 90% of Managua’s businesses closed on Friday following the call for a national strike by the Civic Alliance[...]

Members of the Assembly of IAJU expressed their solidarity with Nicaragua this afternoon after the representatives of the Latin American[...]


Two resolutions have been proposed in the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) regarding the crisis that[...]


 I am deeply saddened by the views of some politicians from the International Left when, in the name of anti-imperialism,[...]


The brutal repression of Daniel Ortega’s government against the Nicaraguans demanding his exit from power after more than eleven years[...]

Over this past horrific weekend, first the God of Wrath that our disoriented leaders pray to had them proclaim peace[...]