Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy Sings from Exile

luis enrique mejia godoy
Yader Luna

The singer-songwriter, currently living in exile in Costa Rica, speaks about his music that challenged two dictatorships, his new book and proyect

Documentary “Las Sandinistas”: Myths and Propaganda Overwhelm the Story

las sandinistas
Juan Carlos Ampié

The movie “Las Sandinistas” is available to rent or stream in the USA on Amazon Prime. In Costa Rica it’s being shown at the Cines Magaly

Felix Maradiaga Returns to Nicaragua: “I Came to Stay”

Felix maradiaga
Maynor Salazar

“I come to contribute to the work of healing the wounds, but also to build democratic alternatives for Nicaragua,” FelixMaradiaga said.

High-Level OAS Commission on Being Banned from Entering Nicaragua

oas commission

Refusal of the dictatorship reaffirms the decision to maintain a “policy of State terrorism,” warns the opposition Blue and White Unity movement.

Nicaraguan Doctors in Exile, Humanitarian Clinic in Costa Rica

Doctors in Exile, nicaraguan doctors in exile
Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

More than 20 doctors run an improvised clinic while trying to recuperate their academic records, currently being erased by the UNAN

Pancho Cedeno Sings Once Again in Protest against Dictatorship

Keyling T. Romero

He got his start in music singing songs in opposition to the Somoza dictatorship. 40 years later, he’s once again raising his voice against a regime

Nicaraguan Business Execs Call for Unity

Maynor Salazar

It is the commitment that the private sector has, not only as entrepreneurs, but as citizens, explained Jose Adan Aguerri, President of Cosep

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