HAVANA TIMES — Nine days ahead of schedule, the official proclamation of the winners of the November 6th elections has[...]

Frente Sandinista

Omar Halleslevens, former head of the Nicaraguan Army and the country’s current Vice President, will assume his constitutionally allotted deputy’s[...]

They’re no longer going “towards more victories,” as the campaign slogan proclaimed.  The dearth of electoral competition failed to assure[...]

HAVANA TIMES – The government of Daniel Ortega has invited the Organization of American States (OAS) to “make an appearance”[...]

The magazine “Confidencial” was born in July,1996, on the eve of a presidential election during those years of democratic transition[...]

On the highway to Masaya, some banners present the candidates from political parties that are competing for the presidency and[...]

A group of Nicaraguans gathered in front of the Foreign Ministry on Friday to demand that Daniel Ortega’s government allow[...]

In the foothills of the Peña Rota bluff in San Juan del Sur there’s a teacher named Nilamar Alemán Mora,[...]

Carlos Fernando Chamorro, the director of Confidencial, denounced on Friday october 7th, acts of intimidation and political espionage carried out[...]

Nicaragua’s forest reserves have contracted alarmingly over the last 25 years. According to statistics from the “Forestry Strategy for Deforested[...]