Solidarity with the Dictatorship is to Go Against Life

Onofre Guevara López

The affinity of some foreign leftists with Daniel Ortega is based on the typical demagogical discourse of dictators.

A YouTuber who Raised his Voice against the Ortega-Murillo Regime


The 25-year-old has received threats for talking about the Ortega government, but he assures that he’ll continue manifesting his opinions.

“Carlos Mejia is the Soul of Nicaragua”

Carlos Mejia Godoy

“To me, the Sandinista Popular Revolution can’t be explained without the music of Carlos Mejia and the poetry of Ernesto Cardenal,”.

The Murder of Angel Gahona Left in Impunity

Angel Gahona
Carlos F. Chamorro

Brandon Lovo and Glenn Slate are the first political prisoners to be condemned by the dictatorship for the death of Angel Gahona.

Students Face the Repression: but What’s the Strategy?

They abhor caudillismo (strong man politics) and want to break with the political vices inherited from the past; they see themselves as “spokespersons”

The Social Networks have been Our Eyes

Cellphone in hand, Nicaraguans have led and documented an unprecedented civic insurrection.

Police Brand Nicaraguan Student Edwin Carcache as a “Terrorist Leader”

Edwin Carcache
Maynor Salazar

Police: “they are perpetrators of terrorist acts in roadblocks, destruction, looting and burning of a university building and of public institutions".

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