Data leak reveals that Nicaraguan government lied about the impact of COVID-19

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo

Weekly News report: Minsa hid information on COVID-19 infections, PAHO warns about a second outbreak, and Caribbean journalists accused of slander

Covid-19 Has Taken 46 Teachers in Nicaragua confirms a teachers’ organization


The teacher’s organization continues to ask the Government to suspend face-to-face classes to reduce the risk of deaths due to the pandemic

Spirit Airlines Postpones Return of Flights to Nicaragua

Return of Flights to Nicaragua
Iván Olivares

The only airline that planned to fly to and from Nicaragua in August backs out. Canatur asks the Ortega government to use good sense

Five factors that could exacerbate a new COVID-19 outbreak in Nicaragua

Covid-19 in Nicaragua Doubled

Experts warn that there will be an increase in infections and deaths, which the country would have to face with less health professionals

Power in Peer-to-Peer Protest Education

Amnesty, Peer-to-Peer, Protest Education
  • Kyra J. Colbert
  •  20 de agosto 2020

Horizontal knowledge transfer will play a critical role in the political movements of this period

My Life to the Rhythm of Zoom

Gioconda Belli

I yearn for a return to the days of community. I hope that the virtual world will stop being the only permitted human contact

The Civic Alliance and the National Unity Must Change Course

national unity
Enrique Sáenz

The crisis of the National Coalition, is it time to turn off the lights and pick-up the bats?

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