The immense fortune created by the combination of high oil prices and the copious extraction of black gold from Venezuelan[...]

Journalist Held in Nicaragua

Journalist Marlon Jeronimo Powell Sanchez knew that the regime would go after him. The communicator fled from his native Masaya,[...]


The second half of June brings an unprecedented and unfavorable external scenario for the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario[...]

Political Risk

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo won’t risk the international consequences of expropriating foreign citizens, according to the[...]

After 11 years of selective repression, the FSLN government attempted to silence hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans who rejected the[...]

Daniel Ortega ordered the release of 51 of his political prisoners to house arrest on Thursday, while another 182 remain[...]

Daniel Ortega Afraid

One of the characteristics of the Ortega regime is the impudence, or the nerve, or the charlatanism. Whatever you may[...]

Amnesty Law

The Ortega government turned into law a reparation plan for victims, which has been criticized by several sectors of civil[...]


Diana Gutierrez Hernandez was raped, murdered, and her body was dismembered and hidden in a latrine where it remained for[...]

False News

On March 15, dozens of journalists spent more than two hours following a yellow bus with curtained windows which was[...]