“What would have happened if they had opted to abstain from those [1990] elections, those who today promote confrontation and[...]

1) The phantom of abstention There were no surprises in the November 5th municipal elections in Nicaragua. Just as in last[...]

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) has awarded 135 of the country’s 153 city halls to the Sandinista Front, after receiving[...]

elecciones municipales

Cenidh, the Nicaraguan Human Rights Center, assured that “conditions to guarantee that the citizenry of all the municipalities freely elect[...]

Four years after the project was originally announced, the “Russia-Nicaragua anti-narcotics training center” was inaugurated this week in the residential[...]

The historic events that marked Nicaragua in 1980, whose wounds never healed, fuses with the present and the family history[...]

Francisca Ramírez

Nicaraguan rural leader Francisca “Chica” Ramirez criticizes Ortega’s government for abusing the human rights of those who oppose them. Ramirez[...]

Nica Act

1- “The problem’s in El Carmen, Stupid!” Even before it becomes law, the passage of the “Nica Act” in the[...]

lista secreta

Every morning for weeks now, the speakers on the outside of the Matagalpa mayor’s office blast at nearly full volume,[...]


The Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act 2017, better known as the Nica Act, is again on the doorstep of the United[...]