HAVANA TIMES — Communities located in Rivas, at the southwestern tip of Nicaragua, are facing uncertainty and fear due to[...]

The Economist called it a “plan – and little else.” Bloomberg sent journalists to look but they literally “couldn’t find[...]

Scientist Jaime Incer Barquero, presidential advisor on environmental matters, severely criticized the inaction of the Ministry of the Environment and[...]

July 9, 2016: it’s a Saturday, and it’s raining as I begin my trip North. I’m headed for Waslala in[...]

Gen. Julio Cesar Aviles, head of the Nicaraguan army, assured the public that the acquisition of 50 Russian T72 model[...]

Writer Sergio Ramirez confesses that he’s been overwhelmed these days with a deluge of requests from the international press, wanting[...]

Moscow – Email scandals have plagued Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee for US president, throughout her campaign. First, there[...]

rosario murillo

For us Nicaraguans who grew up under the shadow of a dynastic dictatorship – in my father’s words, “the bloody[...]

New York – Much has been written about Donald Trump’s peculiar hairstyle, the kind of puffy, dyed comb-over one would associate[...]

Sixteen representatives in Nicaragua’s Parliament, who were elected in 2011 under the Liberal Independent Party Alliance (PLI Alliance)’s umbrella at[...]