Ortega Attacks his Brother and Remains Mum about US Sanctions


Ortega accuses former army head Humberto Ortega of becoming a “peon” and a “servant” of the oligarchy and the US Empire.

Nestor Moncada: Guardian of Secrets for the Ortega Family

Nestor Moncada

He doesn’t have an official job with the regime, but he’s Ortega’s private secretary and his link to the Police and the paramilitary groups.

United States Touches Ortega’s “Iron Circle”

Juan Carlos Bow

They punish Rosario Murillo, the representative of “50% of the power” of the regime, and “Chema”, liaison between El Carmen and the police.

Dilon Zeledon, a Nicaraguan University Student Paying the Price for “Treason”

Dilon Zeledon
Keyling T. Romero

Leaving the UNEN to join the civic protests cost him his career and his freedom. Imprisoned since June 21, he has been accused of “treason”.

Nicaragua: Cruelty at the Drop of a Hat

Onofre Guevara López

“Our” dictators not only lack civic responsibility and humanism, but by now having caused “so many deaths and damages”

Telcor Persists in Trying to Silence the 100% Noticias Channel

100 Noticias

Miguel Mora, the station owner, denounced a new death threat he received from police officers.

Nicaraguan Student, 14, Declares: “I Got Mad and I Threw the Rock at Him.”

“They were taking my cousin away,” the teenager complained, and “the police were filming.”

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