Nicaragua, Trump, Deportations and the Affect on Family Remittances

Carlos F. Chamorro

In the face of the threatened migration crisis, Nicaragua should join the Central American Northern Triangle and Mexico in defining a strategy

Call for New Elections in Nicaragua in 2017

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

Violeta Granera: “We can’t just wipe the slate clean and start anew. We can’t ignore the message the population sent on November 6th”

Daniel Ortega’s Second Political Defeat

Carlos F. Chamorro

“The militarization has shown that in the face of a democratic opposition, the authoritarian regime can only govern with more repression.”

America’s Berlusconi

Bill Emmott

The final lesson of Berlusconi is that expressions of admiration for strongmen like Russian President Vladimir Putin should be taken seriously

The Aftermath of the Election Day Abstention Protest

nicas no votan
Carlos F. Chamorro

The challenge lies in transforming the protest expressed by abstention into a new political and social force for democratic change.

When the Revolution Claims Your Uterus

Mateo Jarquín

FSLN Distributes 71 Deputy’s Seats, Leaving 21 for the “miskitos”

Wilfredo Miranda Aburto

From this tainted Parliament figures previously accused of corruption such as Byron Jérez will be making the laws.

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