Today’s Youth in Nicaragua Will Never Be the Same

Today Managua is full of phrases like: “Long live the students!. Carlos Herrera | Confidencial

We won’t ever again see the places where the massacres occurred like we used to see them. We won’t think the same.

The Odyssey of the New Nicaraguan Migrants


Every day for nearly two months now, the offices of the Department of Immigration & Foreign Services receives hundreds of Nicaraguans requesting

Multilateral Organizations Silent in the Face of the Nicaragua Crisis

Melba Castillo A

Why haven’t they issued a statement regarding the massacre the Nicaraguan people are suffering, the supposed beneficiaries of those million-dollar loan

The IACHR Reports 212 Deaths in the Repression Unleashed by Ortega


Foreign Minister rejects the report in a display of cynicism, and only Venezuela and Bolivia support him.

The Cries of Families Waiting Outside Managua’s El Chipote Jail

Chipote Jail

Some people are sleeping outside El Chipote Jail. Tthey aren’t thinking about moving until their loved ones are released.

Why Does Ortega Leaving Power Seem So Difficult?

Cirilo Antonio Otero

It would seem that Nicaraguans are afraid of change, that they are a traditional people of habit.

Students Issue Call to Increase Pressure on a “Cornered” Ortega


University Coordinator’s spokesperson calls for “Roadblocks, strikes, street protests, all at once.”

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