German Diplomacy on Nicaragua: Not in My Name!

On a diplomatic level, the most appropriate and necessary step would be clear public declarations opposing Ortega’s dictatorial policies.

Nicaragua: How the Prosecutor’s Office Fabricated Cases against Demonstrators

Juan Carlos Bow

Charges against self-organized were produced by devoted Ortega officials, who met to work in hotels with expenses paid.

Tall Tales from Ortega about Mega-Projects in Nicaragua

Enrique Sáenz

The Tumarin hydroelectric plant, the Chinese satellite, the Venezuelan oil refinery, the rebirth of cotton crops and the inter-oceanic canal.

Costa Rican Foreign Minister on the Nicaragua Refugee Crisis

Carlos F. Chamorro

Services are overwhelmed, but the Presidency does not decree a humanitarian emergency. They investigate death of a Nicaraguan.

Weaving our Criticisms with Respect, not Barbed Wire

Gioconda Belli

It’s not by fencing off criticism with barbed wire that we’ll manage to construct a democratic Nicaragua.

Daniel Ortega’s Lies about Nicaragua to the International Press

Interview with Max Blumenthal was a lament by Daniel Ortega against the Nica Act and individual sanctions.

“Many Invaders of Nicaragua’s Indigenous Lands are Army Veterans”

“The Army has said they have no high-level order to protect the communities,” she denounces.

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