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Ortega Spies Using Israeli Technology

Government uses technological tools to “find and detain human rights activists and silence citizens” who criticize it.

Informe Semanal: GIEI urge una Fiscalía Especial para investigar la masacre

El régimen de Ortega impone un Estado Policial en las calles de Nicaragua; la persecución continúa en la Isla de[...]

Nicaragua: Is the IMF an Accomplice or Acquiescent?

An accomplice in the squandering of opportunities and acquiescent with the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS) and tax exemptions.

Farm Leader Benigna Mendiola Sows Doubt about Those Accused of Shooting Her Son

Benigna Mendiola looked over at the accused. She then gazed at Judge Edgar Altamirano, head of the Ninth District Criminal[...]

The Cry of Relatives Outside the Prison

Mercedes Davila does not like to speak in public. But since September 6th—the day the National Police presented her son,[...]

Ortega Government Editor Speaks Out in Exile

HAVANA TIMES – Since the civic protests against the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo began in April, official[...]

El relato de un manifestante que huye en la Isla de Ometepe

The power of Ortega emanates from the mouth of a rifle

There are two possible readings around the resolution of the political conflict; they are differentiated by how the capacity of[...]

Three Characters of the Civic Rebellion in Nicaragua

Six months after the protests against Daniel Ortega’s regime, Nicaraguans recognize that their country is no longer the same. Uncertainty[...]

Nicaraguan Gov. Suspends Online Currency Purchases for Banks and Affects Trust

The Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) notified commercial banks this week of the suspension of the mechanism to purchase dollars[...]